Sunshine makes

The beautiful weather continues and now we have spent two consectutive days out in the garden I am reminded of all the summer makes I started last year and didn’t complete because of the wash out weather.
So to the loft I will return to fish out the patchwork picnic blanket and the floor cushions. I will finish them this year! Hopefully now I’m dropping to part time hours I will have more time to get things done for the house.
Not only have we been enjoying the sunshine but also we baked the german friendship sour dough cake. It is yummy with a tang and I’ll post photos of the second one baked as the first one didn’t hang around for long. x

spring is here

William made a lovely picture with the button box whilst sitting on my lap when I was sewing. He said the yellow buttons were a bee’s house and all the white ones were a polar bear. 
What a difference the weather can have. A bit more sun and my outlook on life and the everyday hum drum is much more positive. It feels like there is so much more time to get things done and so much more energy in the air. With that feeling in mind here is a round up of what William and I have been doing this week. 

We tried a new recipe this week ‘salted peanut cookies’ they were very good and didn’t hang around for long

Flowers from the garden. So nice to have some colour!

Caramel baked cheesecake from a hairy bikers recipe

cheese cake close up

 I was also given a lovely gift this week from a friend at school a batch of german friendship sourdough cake mix. I am currently tending and keeping warm. Hoping to bake it next weekend. If it turns out well I will post photos. x

Tutorial – How to make a skull key charm

Tutorial – How to make a skull key charm

cut two squares of grey felt and one skull from white felt

Tutorial – How to make a skull key charm

Tutorial – How to make a skull key charm

thread needle with two strands of embroidery thread in black

sew a running stitch all the way around the skull securing it to one of the grey squares

pin a loop of ribbon between the two grey squares and secure with a running or blanket stitch all the way round the grey square
Tutorial – How to make a skull key charm

How to make a fabric (paper bag) Tutorial

I have busy constructing photo tutorials for my students at school as no matter how much I show them, the instant they move away to make it I hear cries of ‘MISS want do I do now???’.
So hopefully these will help and I hope they’ll help you too. Apologies for the poor light in the photos it was quite late when I made this. 
First cut two pieces of fabric the same size.
Then turn over and pin the top edges down. Pin in the opposite direction to the way you will sew and then you can sew straight over the pins. 

Then machine the top edges

Next pin handles ensuring they are evenly spaced and in the same position on both sides

Then machine in place with a square and a cross to ensure it is secure

Once handles are attached pin the two pieces right sides together

Then sew around the three sides

At the bottom of the bag take the side and bottom seam and push together. Pin in place and machine  a line across (as you can see the purple line) 

Do the same on the other side and they make two ears 

Turn the right way around 

Close up of the shaped paper bag style bottom 

Tutorial – How to make a bag charm

A cute little charm to hang from your bag or your keys. Never mistake someone else’s for yours again. Personalise it in your favourite colours, make one to make every outfit! The world is your oyster, enjoy.

Materials needed

First make a loop and thread on your first bead, knotting after.

Sew button onto one felt shape and then stitch the two shapes together with either a running or blanket stitch

Continue to add beads and knotting until you are near the end of the ribbon. Tuck the ends of the ribbon inside the felt shapes and sew closed to secure.

How to make a bag charm. Equipment needed. Ribbon, beads, felt shape x2, button, embroidery thread and a needle.