Friday, 9 March 2012

How to make a fabric (paper bag) Tutorial

I have busy constructing photo tutorials for my students at school as no matter how much I show them, the instant they move away to make it I hear cries of 'MISS want do I do now???'.
So hopefully these will help and I hope they'll help you too. Apologies for the poor light in the photos it was quite late when I made this. 
First cut two pieces of fabric the same size.

Then turn over and pin the top edges down. Pin in the opposite direction to the way you will sew and then you can sew straight over the pins. 

Then machine the top edges

Next pin handles ensuring they are evenly spaced and in the same position on both sides

Then machine in place with a square and a cross to ensure it is secure

Once handles are attached pin the two pieces right sides together

Then sew around the three sides

At the bottom of the bag take the side and bottom seam and push together. Pin in place and machine  a line across (as you can see the purple line) 

Do the same on the other side and they make two ears 

Turn the right way around 

Close up of the shaped paper bag style bottom 

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