Cakes! Strawberries! and cross stitch

I have had a busy week. My father in law asked me to make a cake for my mother in laws 51 birthday and he picked out a lemon flower design from my cake book. I was fairly pleased with it but the royal icing used to do the vines could have been thicker. Then I made the chess cake for my step dads birthday. Not quite to scale its only 6 by 6 rather than 8 by 8 but I was pleased with the modelling, especially the knights. Then I had promised my year 11’s that I would make them a cake, so the chef duff inspired circles was for them.

The strawberries are an adapted version of the free gift from this months Craftseller magazine. I changed the design slightly and used blanket stitch around the edges and french knot and beads instead of the seed stitch suggested.
We are trying out giving needle books to the children at school to encourage them to keep the pins and needles stored safely and not all scattered over the tables and floors of my class room. I get through so many pins this way as the cleaners just sweep them up and throw them away. So I stitched a few designs to go on the fronts of them. They are adapted from patterns in the Jo Verso book picture it in cross stitch which I picked up at a charity shop for 50p.  Bargain