summer show here we come

I am currently sat at work trying to find inspiration over how to make a cow costume and a elephant outfir to cover a pommel horse. I am hoping that a serch on the internet will help. If I find inspiration I will let you know. x

Two purses

Hello, I just thought I would share with you a couple of pics of two purses. The first one is one I made from a batik sample probably left over from some demonstration I was doing which I lined with the very bright purple. It’s not that bright in the photo. The other purse is one my Dad made for me and shows he can turn his hand to an media when he wants to. Just a short post today as I am so tired with the run up to the end of term, there always seems to be an event on or some extra curricular thing I should be doing. Oh well roll on summer! x

Blooming lovely

Hello, what a lovely day it turned out to be. I finished work at lunchtime and still can’t quite shake the feeling that I’m sneaking off and picked up William to go swimming. Unfortunately the pool was shut so we headed home. Much to my delight the weather had taken a turn for the better and we spent the afternoon out in the garden. I had to pick some of these gorgeous roses as I love the colour, not only do they match the splash back in the kitchen but they fill the room with the most heavenly scent. I also finished off the second of the garden floor cushions and we relaxed whilst eating lunch. x
a pop of colour in my black and white kitchen

igle pigle chilling on the floor cushions

second finished cushion.

A twist on a classic

Hello, it seems like all we have done this weekend is eat. So I thought I’d share some of the delicious goodies we have been scoffing with you. As I said these are twists on classics. The cupcakes are based on the recipe from the Great British Bake Off of Cherry Bakewell cupcakes, which when I baked them the first time were disappointingly lacking in the almond flavor that I so love about the Bakewell. So this time around I added an extra teaspoon full of almond extract to pump up the flavor. It did the trick and they were lovely, I also love how they look a little bit naughty on the plate. Or is that just me? The other baked dish was a strudel which I filled with an apple and cranberry filling. I had had these cranberries in the freezer since Christmas and they really needed to be used. Hubby said it was very wintry but that I had over done the pastry. You can’t please them all. x
naughty naughty 

A boy after my own heart

Just thought I would share with you what a lovely gift the boy made for me the other day. It is a paper mache  bowl and what I particularly liked about it is that he chose to decorate it with fabrics in a patchwork style. I’m sure he had some help with it but I do admire his eye for colour!

I’m going to use it as my new trinket dish in my bedroom. I am always just chucking off my jewellery as night and this will be the perfect way to stop me losing earrings.

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Little boxes, little boxes…

 After a very busy day at school – year 5 taster day! I picked the boy up from nursery and nearly fell asleep in the hairdressers chair. So I thought I would relax and practice some of the origami I have been learning from a great book I borrowed from the library.

Here are the first two boxes I have made. The card one has come out much better than the small paper one, but I’m still pleased with them both. I can now see all my gifts being presented in their own handmade gift box. The only problem is I will be hording paper and card like I do fabric and I really haven’t got the room.

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Tutorial – how to make a simple tassel

How to make a simple tassel
First wind your yarn around a small book, the thicker you wind the yarn the fuller your tassel will be. You can wind more colours together if you want a mixed look

Then thread some yarn underneath the wrap and knot it together tightly.

flip the book over and cut in the middle

it will look like this

fold in half and using another piece of yarn secure about two cm from the top with another knot

hang and enjoy

Fabric food

Whilst the hubby watched the England match last night. I set myself the task of making some fabric food. I’m planning on doing this project with my year eights next term so wanted to see how easy it was to do and have some good examples to show them. This is what I have done so far: A slice of bread which I am thinking about turning into toast and browning the edges and maybe adding some seed beads to make it look like granary and a strawberry (very seasonal). I think this could also benefit from some seed beads to make it look more realistic. 
just add butter

anyone for afternoon tea?

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How to do very simple machine patchwork

Here is how to do very simple machine patchwork. I took these photos to show my year nines on Thursday. 

First cut four squares of fabric equal sized. Use a variety of patterns or colours for interest. 

Then putting the right sides together of two squares pin along the edge with the pins facing towards the edge of the fabric. (so you can sew straight over them)

This will give you a seam like this. Then sew the other pair of squares in exactly the same method.

Then put the pairs rights sides together and pin. Sew a seam along the edge. Continue to do this adding rows of squares until the patchwork is the size you require. 

A sneaky peek at my study

After sharing with you some of the items I have on display in my bedroom I thought I might show you some of the things I look at most often. Items from my study. Although when I say study I really mean the corner I have carved out for myself in the playroom. One desk and one shelf is all I am limited to.

As you can see I am already overflowing on the shelf and should really think about curbing my craft magazine addiction. The other photos are some more of my Dad’s work which I have sat next to each other in the windowsill as I think their colours really complement each other and my favourite colour is blue.

He really is a talented artist, he can paint in both water colour and oils and makes beautiful ceramics. I should really find somewhere better to show these off then stuffed up in the playroom. However I do get to look at them a lot and enjoy them so I suppose that’s all that really matters.

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