Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee, rock and roll and cross stitch

 I have been having a lovely time this week. This has much to do with it being half term! About time too, sneaky shifting of it to fall when the double bank holiday is. Any way my nod to being patriotic was to make cup cakes and eat scones with strawberries and cream. I can't say that other than that the jubilee had much impact on me.

The other thing I have been up to is customising old clothes to have as examples for my refashioning project for year nine. I am hoping to get the year all excitied by Textiles and hopefully my option numbers will rise this year. So far this is what I've come up with .....

Scant made from levis with a frill edge and a charm made from the bits they sew into tops to keep them on the hangers. 

Double layered rock t -shirts with shredded top layer. 


close up embroidered skull detail 

red lining and levi seams handles 
 I've also continued to work on the motifs for the needle books at school. I like the tailors dummy but I'm not so impressed with what should be a thimble.

Good bye for now. Ruth x

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