Sunday walks

autumn walks

What I love about autumn is the opprtunity to walk in the crisp sun over crunchy leaves and work up a real appitite. My favorite thing about the forthcoming winter months is eating winter food. Hearty sustaning food that fills you up, with pudding on top! We’ve been walking this morning and this is a quick pic of one of the things that caugth my artistic eye.


I know it’s late but I thought I’d still share with you are pumpkins we made this year. The scared cat was my attempt at doing something more interesting. I know it doesn’t compare to some of the amazing ones you see on the internet and Britain certainly has a long way to go until we catch up with the skills demonstrated in America. Even so I’m rather pleased with it and the face is based on a design William drew for me and I carved. 
Scared cat pumpkin

William’s design on a pumpkin

 We also made what I think is probably the ugliest looking pumpkin cake ever, but it delighted William as he likes nothing better than eating loads of icing.

Pumpkin cake

Felted fried egg

Felted fried egg
I am hastily trying to make some examples of fabric food for a new project I am launching with my year 8 class after half term. Here is my latest effort a felted fried egg. I sewed it together with blanket stitch and I am hoping that it will soon be joined by some other fabric fry up foods.