December the 8th – Felted tree decoration

December the 8th – felted rocking horse Christmas tree decoration 
Rocking horses are such a classic symbol of Childhood past. Not that I had one. They hark back to that Victorian Christmas when all the good carols were written and that is what I have tried to capture in my little decoration. A simple Victorian inspired rocking horse, made from brown felt and embroidered in cream. 

December the 7th – felted Christmas tree decoration

December the 7th – felted Holly Christmas tree decoration 

The present motif on the front of number 7 looked terribly dull to me. So I have chosen to make some Holly. This in the main part was because I had just discover needle felting and wanted a use for the dark crimson balls I had recently made. I think that they go well with the quilted green felt and glitter thread Holly leaves.

December 6th – felted tree decoration

December 6th – felted Christmas pudding tree decoration 
I know this is not a bauble which is what appears on the drawer front of number 6 on William’s advent calendar,  but it is a similar shape. I just the the cartoon style Christmas pudding made from brown felt and with white felt icing which I just sewed at the top to give a nice drape. I added felt holly leaves with glitter thread and a bunch of deep red seed beads to finish off. I think it looks lovely, even if I do say so myself. 

Mini Christmas stockings for cats

Mini Christmas stockings for cats

Christmas is for everyone and in our household that includes the cats. So whilst sorting out the scrap box, I found some red and green synthetic suede. Which I love by the way as you can work with it like felt but it’s tougher. I made mini stockings for my cats, Kimi and Smudge and finished them with gold thread. The only thing they need is a hanging thread which I will add and they’ll make a lovely addition to my stairs.

December the 5th – felted tree decoration

December the 5th – felted heart tree decoration

This is probably one of the simplest decorations I made for the advent calendar, but I love it for it simple shaker style. I stitched the two red felt heart shapes together with red metallic thread and then after stuffing, added little kisses with cream embroidery thread. Finally I finished it with some red and gold thin braid to hang it from.

December the 4th – felted tree decoration

December the 4th – felted bell tree decoration

The bells were ringing out for Christmas day. This is the fourth decoration from William’s advent calendar and I made a bell. I made this by cutting out and joining two bell shapes from yellow felt and then stuffing them with toy stuffing. I decorated it with felt shapes cut out of red and green felt stitched on with gold metallic thread. Then added a green metallic pom pom as a clanger. Finally I added a loop of silver ribbon to hang it from.

December the 3rd – felted tree decoration

December the 3rd – felted gingerbread man tree decoration 

This cheeky ginger bread man is the third decoration from William’s advent calender. I made him by using a cookie cutter as a template and joined two pieces of brown felt together, which I then stuffed with toy stuffing. I decorated him with buttons and pieces of white felt. I wanted to use ric rac on his tummy but didn’t have any white so I cut a wiggly line of felt instead. He’s a little bit on the chubby side but we love him.

December the 2nd – felted tree decoration

Here is the decoration I made for December the 2nd, I made it by using a cookie cutter as a template and then stuffing it with toy stuffing. I decorated the star with seed and bugle beads in alternate red, gold and green colours. Finally I added some silver ribbon to hang it from. William always wants this one at the top of his tree.

December the 1st – felted tree decoration

Well Advent is officially upon us, so I thought I shared something I made whilst pregnant with William that really makes him enjoy Advent without loads of chocolate. Whilst shopping on Amazon for Christmas presents as I was in no state to be going Christmas shopping, I found this wooden advent calendar. I loved the cheery painted design and the fact that you could put things in the drawers. I set to making small felted decorations that matched the designs on the doors or near enough. (There are a few too many baubles on it).

Wooden advent calendar 

This is the first decoration I made for December the first. It’s a felted wreath and measures just 3cm across. I made the ring section first and stuffed it with toy stuffing and then wrapped gold embroidery thread around it before cutting out the tiniest holly berries and leaves, which I stitched on with metallic green thread. Then I added a red bow also cut from felt. Finally I added a silver ribbon off cut from a present I’d had. (always best to keep even the tiniest bit of ribbon!)

Felt wreath decoration