Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ice cream cone cakes

Ice cream cone cakes
Is it too soon to be thinking about going on holiday? I for one am longing for a bit on sun on my body and William's current destination whenever we are playing (airplanes, car journeys, bus driver) is Spain. So there is a definite mood for summer in our household at the moment. Now that the decorations have come down and the house looks that little bit emptier and sadder, it was definitely time for a summer evoking make, even if the weather is less obliging. So here it is, cakes designed to look like ice creams. It was my technician at work that first suggested this idea, and at first I had my doubts about how well the the cones would stand up to being baked but overall they are very successful. The only down sides to these cakes are they take much more cake mixture than you would think. Six cones uses up at normal 2 egg sponge mix. The other down side is you need a lot of icing to convincing cover the top to make them look cornetty enough. (You may not think this a downside). However kids of all ages love these, I know William does and my form who are 15 and 16 also loved them. They are easily adapted with food coloring and you can go crazy with icing and sprinkles  Summer in cake form, what could be better?

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