Harry and his dinosaurs – latest cross stitch project

Harry and his dinosaurs – latest cross stitch project

My eldest was flicking through a pattern book I borrowed from the library the other day and told me he would like all of the dinosaurs! So this is the start. I adapted the colours slightly to suit what thread I had at home (anyway people don’t know what colours dinosaurs were anyway). I particularly like the sketchy quality of the design and the wobbly pronunciation writing at the bottom. They then get made into a hanging tidy. I’ll post more dinosaurs as I do them and hopefully the finished tidy sometime!

Dinosaur making kit

My eldest enjoyed the robot making kit I made him the other day that I thought I would make him another. He is really into dinosaurs and knows a lot of their names so I thought this would make a good theme. 
In the kit I put:
  • green background paper,
  • some coloured paper cut into dinosaur shaped heads,
  • red, black and brown felt tips,
  • some craft foam pre-cut sticky shapes,
  • and gold and green glitter glue.

Here are the results of the kit:

Dinosaur making kit – My eldest thinks this one is really funny because he’s given him a moustache

Dinosaur making kit – the results

Dinosaur making kit – the results

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Robot making kit – the results

Earlier in the month I posted about a kit I had made for my eldest inspired by an Usborne book we were reading. He absolutely loved the kit, I left it on the table for him when he returned from nursery one day. He spent a good hour arranging the pieces and talking about what each robot was doing. I have been meaning to post the pictures since then, but have only just downloaded my camera.
So here are the results:

Robot making kit – robot man, car and robot dog

Robot making kit – robot man, car and somewhere for him to sit

Robot making kit – robot man

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Valentines crafts

Queen of hearts valentines jam tarts
As a rule we are generally not very romantic in our household, but I do like a good heart motif. So, with that in mind here is what I created to mark the occasion.  
Some queen of hearts jam tarts for the lunch boxes with raspberry and blackcurrant fillings.

Paper heart tree valentines decoration
A paper heart table display for the kitchen using my sizzix die cutting machine and a branch from the laurel bush in the front garden. 

Close up of paper heart tree, valentines decoration 
And a card for my Hubby (just to make him feel a little bit guilty that he hadn’t read my mind) from this January’s issue of cross stitcher magazine. 

Cross stitched valentines card

Robot Making kit

My eldest and I have been looking for inspiration for different activities to do at home as we’re spending a lot more time together with me being off work at the moment. One of the books I bought to inspire us was this great Usborne book ‘365 things to make and do’. Usborne make great children’s books and they are definitely ones I come back to time and time again. One of the activities inside the book caught his eye was to make collage robots. The only downside to this book is it is a bit old for him and he got frustrated and upset when he tried to follow their instructions. So whilst he was at nursery I made him this Robot making kit which simplified the idea a bit and had the activity all assembled into an envelop which can be refilled and pulled out from the craft box when we need an quick craft fix. 

Inside the Robot making kit I put:
  • Pictures of wheels, bolts, pipe, electrical cable etc. cut from a trade catalog,
  • Some paper fasteners as their shiny and metal,
  • some silver glitter glue,
  • some pva,
  • some paper,
  • some sequins,
  • and some washers and bits picked out of the toolbox. 

Valentine table decoration

I do not expect to get any flowers for Valentines day tomorrow, as it’s been a long time since Hubby and I exchanged gifts. However I do like to decorate my table and with a nod to all that is romantic I created this display. 
Basically its made from;
a white twiggy branch I rescued from a Christmas bouquet that Mum bought me, 
some green sequins I stripped from a bag I didn’t like, 
a red ribbon rose bought from a haberdashery store,
and a red and white beaded wire heart I made.
Valentine table decoration

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing

My eldest had his first go at piping icing yesterday. I think the choice of chocolate butter cream icing and a smooth nozzle was a bit unfortunate as I think some of them resemble dog poo. We tried to improve the look of them with some chocolate stars but all the time I could just hear my dad saying they look like’ s**t with sugar on’. Despite this they tasted very good and luckily my boy did not make any similar comparisons and is keen to carry on icing. That’s my boy!

Alphabet cross stitch

Alphabet nursery sampler

I have started work on a alphabet sampler for the new nursery this week. I have almost come to find cross stitch additive at the moment. I think that I have to concentrate to remember the counts takes my mind of the pain I’m in at the moment with the SPD. I love the bright colours and the little motifs that accompany each letter. I post a picture of the completed alphabet when I’ve finished.

Happy pancake day

Happy pancake day!

Just thought I’d share a quick pic I took of my eldest this morning. He wanted to spread his own pancakes with chocolate spread this morning. Half a jar of nutella later – one very chocolaty but happy boy.