Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Craft room organisation photos

My new study is finally coming together and I am starting to feel organised again. It great not having to share my space with anyone and having enough space to leave things out when I'm still working on them. I thought I'd share some of my favorite elements of my new study. 
These are my curiosity shelves with some useful items and some nick knacks I've picked up along the way. There's plenty of room left on them to add to the collection and they were a bargain a few years ago from a junk shop. They have just been waiting in the loft until I had a room of my own to house them in. 
Craft room organisation 
This set of shelves my father made for me about 25 years ago they are based on a swan design and they now very proudly house my buttons and findings. 

Craft room organisation 
This is my pride and joy. I inherited the piece of furniture from my grandmother and the glass front makes it ideal to store my fabric. Unfortunately it is not big enough to fit everything in but its a great start. Some day I'll get around to color coding it. 

Craft room organisation 
Finally I love the new shelves my husband put up for me. They house a few paper backs but mainly my collection of arts and crafts reference books and my ever growing craft magazine collection. (which I must stop buying until I've made everything I want to make)

Craft room organisation 

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