Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Josie's Garden embroidery - from Mollie makes magazine

Josie's Garden embroidery - from Mollie makes magazine 
I know I and my blog have been currently obsessed with cross stitch but I am not adverse to other forms of stitching. Whilst spring time still feels a long way away I came across a pattern for a piece of embroidery called Josie's Garden in issue 2 of Mollie Makes. (One of my favourite ways to kill time - flicking through old issues of magazines). It uses a combination of running, back, chain and daisy stitch with a few French knots thrown in. I didn't follow the pattern exactly and changed the colour scheme a bit to suit what I had lying around. Never the less I am pleased with the final result and think it will look great appliquéd onto a gardening themed gift bag for a friend.

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