Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tutorial Tuesday # 15 - button bobby pins

Inspired by an image in this months issue of Making magazine, I deicide to show you how to make some button bobby pins. They are very easy to make and can be made to suit any age or colour palette.  
You will need:
  • buttons, 
  • bobby pins,
  • a needle
  • some embroidery floss separated into two strands

Sew the bobby pin onto the back of the button with the embroidery floss, overlapping the stitches will make it more secure. 

Knot and trim the ends so it should look like this.

 Once you have a set, mount them onto some pretty card and they make a great personal gift for friends.


  1. This would make a great gift for a sewing enthusiast! I'm going to have to make some, although I'm always drawn to really bright colours, so easy to personalise though.

    1. They'd look great in bright colours for the summer. I find it a great stash buster as I tend to hoard buttons :)



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