made on monday – buildings batik

made on Monday – buildings batik

I made this as an example to show my Ks4 students the technique of batik we were studing an architecture module so I thought this fairytale city was a fun idea to show them. I kept the choice of colours quiet limited as it can be hard to keep your colours looking fresh. They loved it and some of the work they then produced was amazing.

Sweet Saturday – blueberry and orange muffin recipe

sweet Saturday – blueberry and orange muffin recipe

These are a great lactose free cake and if you use frozen blueberries instead of fresh they work out a lot cheaper and it doesn’t detract from the finished product.
You will need:
80ml olive oil
180ml orange juice
2 medium eggs
275g self raising flour
200g caster sugar
1tbsp granulated brown sugar to sprinkle on the top
150g frozen blueberries defrosted

Preheat the oven to 190c gas mark 5 and line a muffin tin with paper cases.
Whisk the oil, orange juice and eggs together in a mixing bowl.
Sift over the flour and stir.
Fold in the blueberries.
Spoon into the paper cases and sprinkle the granulated sugar on top.
Bake for 30 minutes.

Robot soft toy

Friday Fun – quick fix toy from chewed T-shirt
Our old washing machine was a nightmare for chewing up clothes. Note: never buy a Candy. So with yet another piece of destroyed clothing on my hands. I wanted to save at least part or it and with the bold motif on the front a quick soft toy was just calling out to me. 

All I did was pin the front to the back. Machine all the way around the design and stuff. They I just machined it closed and trimmed the edges. It being t-shirt material the edges rolled up nicely and gave a good finish to the toy.

Friday Fun – quick fix toy from chewed T-shirt

As you can see William was delighted that his p-j top had become a new cuddly and he was named Red the robot.

Friday Fun – quick fix toy from chewed T-shirt

Red seems very happy with his reincarnation.

Tasty Thursday – red pesto palmier recipe

These are so painfully simple to make it almost seems silly to write down how to do it but this it what you do.
To make Palmiers you will need
Half a packet of ready made puff pastry and two table spoons of red pesto.
Roll out the puff pastry until about two mm thick and in a rectangle.
Spread the pesto on and roll from each side up into the centre.
Slice about 3mm slices and lie flat on baking trays.
Bake in a pre heated oven at 180c gas mark 4 for about 15 minutes. Until puffed up and golden.
Enjoy with pre-dinner drinks.

wip – colour!

Whilst sorting through the loft after the move I found a whole box of these colour experiments from my print rotation at university. I have no idea what use they now have or indeed if they will ever come out of the loft again. But I did enjoy looking at the beautiful hues I had created and maybe one day I’ll find a use for them.

Tutorial Tuesday – how to do French knots

Tutorial Tuesday – how to do French knots

 First secure your thread at the back of your fabric and bring it up at point A.

Tutorial Tuesday – how to do French knots

 Wrap the thread around your needle twice.

Tutorial Tuesday – how to do French knots

 Push the needle back down at point A.

Tutorial Tuesday – how to do French knots

Your finished french knot.

Made on Monday – Camper van birthday card

Just a quick one from me today. Thought I’d share a card I made for my brohter in law. I have got more and more into card making recently, especially when you see the prices of cards in the shops. Since I had lots of craft papers still knocking about in my drawer, I thought I’d have a go at making a new card. This is based on a template I found in an old issue of ‘You can craft’ magazine, but their design used fabrics. I have stuck to craft papers and a button embellishment for the vw badge. 
Made on Monday # 24 – Camper van birthday card

Sweet Saturday – Bailey’s bread and butter pudding recipe

Sweet Saturday – Bailey’s bread and butter pudding recipe

I love it when there is a chill in the air as I know this is a sign I can leave salad behind and look forward to eating hearty wholesome food that fills you up and makes you cosy inside. This is one of these recipes. A delight to eat any time but perfect on a Sunday.

You will need;
100g butter,
1/2 a loaf of white bread sliced and sut into triangles with the crusts off,
5 eggs,
40g caster sugar,
300ml cream,
300ml milk,
2 drops of vanilla extract,
5 tbsps of baileys
20g demerara sugar to sprinkle

Butter the bread,
Mix the eggs, caster sugar, cream, milk, vanilla and Baileys.
Arrange the bread in a buttered oven proof dish and then pour over the custard mix.
Leave to stand for a minimum of half and hour for the bread to soak up the custard.
Pre heat the oven to 180c gas mark 4.
Place the oven proof dish in a bain marie and bake for 35 – 40 minutes.