Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy new year. A more organised craft room resolution.

A belated Happy new year to you all. I was going to apologise for not updating my blog sooner, but I decided that I wouldn't as I feel that it was right to take some time out from working on it. Christmas is a time for family and my number one priority is them, so I feel it's Ok to let other things slide for a little. That said William went back to school today and I feel reinvigorated to get my craft back on. I have made two resolutions that I will share with you.
1. To de clutter the house (and that does include my study)
2. Not set myself ridiculous goals. I will not try and maintain writing every day as it was almost an impossible task but will endeavour to write two to three times instead.

With the first resolution in mind I tackled my study this morning. It had become a bit of a dumping ground over Christmas and I could hardly see my desk. I am trying to be more organised with my materials and resources so I thought I'd share some of the ways I am organising my stuff. 
 These wooden swan shelves were made for me by my dad when I was a little girl and I have carted them around every house I've ever lived in. They are the perfect size for me to store my jars of beads, buttons and ribbons on.
 I love a basket! This one was left over from Christmas having had beauty products in it. Its the perfect way to store large reels of cotton, yarn and ribbon in.
 This was a present from my husband and I just love looking at the neatly organised coloured reels of cotton. So many sewing possibilities.
 The shelves in my study are laden with craft books and magazines and I am hoping to get a better organisational system for them.
This cute box was a gift from my sister in-law and makes the perfect addition to my sewing corner. Now what to store in it....

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