Friday, 21 February 2014

Red button buttonhole corsage

I meant to post pictures of this earlier as I made it for Valentine's day. I was attending a class with my youngest son and we had to dress in red or pink for the occasion. I made this to adorn my buttonhole in my coat. It was very simple to make and was whipped up with materials I had knocking around in my craft drawer. In fact one of materials I used had never cost me a thing. My husband had been having a clear out and had thrown away old mobile phone chargers. So I picked them out of the rubbish and striped the cables and got the wire out. It's very fine and is ideal for jewellery making projects. So, first of all I threaded each button onto the middle of a piece of wire about 20 cm long and twisted it to secure. Once I had a bunch of them I grouped them as you would when making a bouquet. Then I added in some artificial leaves I had plundered from an old wedding buttonhole of my husbands and then wrapped the stem with floral tape to secure and give a tidy finish. It's very robust yet still quite light and I may make some in other colours to go with other outfits. 

Red button buttonhole corsage 
 Close up of my button choices.
Red button buttonhole corsage 

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