Four flower heads embroidery templates

Four unusual flower heads that could be used to embroider anything or simple stitched and mounted in a hoop.
This pattern is available to download instantly from my Etsy shop. In it you get  two PDF files.
One of the embroidery pattern, the other contains image of embroidery on a hoop with instructions for the basic stitches to be used.
I have not included any advice on thread or colour choices as I think it’s better to leave that up to you to fit with your colour preferences, decor etc. 
Straight off the printer, each design measures no larger than 7cm x 7cm, but it can easily be scaled up or down with your computer or copier. 

Poodle embroidery template

Poodle embroidery template
I’ve got a new embroidery template now available in my Etsy store. It’s for a cute poodle and would look great stitched on kids clothing or mounted in a frame. 

 I’ve stitched my design up on hand dyed linen and have yet to decided what to do with it. I love that fact I’ve stitched it in grey on pink. It’s looks so good in the frame I may just hang it up in my study.

Poodle embroidery template

Love shoes embroidery template – shoe bag

I am still in love with embroidery and I wanted to combine that with my love of shoes. Who cannot love shoes!

Love shoes embroidery template – shoe bag

 I chose to keep the colour palette simple and stitched the design on unbleached calico, using just backstitch and satin on the front of the shoe. It looks great mounted in a hoop but I also thought it would look good on something practical too.

Love shoes embroidery template – shoe bag

 So I turned it in to a show bag, perfect to keep that special pair dust free and protected from the sun. Why not download the pattern from my Etsy store and make one for your special pair. Wedding shoes would be perfect stored in this cute bag.

Love shoes embroidery template – shoe bag

To make it I just cut two large rectangles of calico. Check that your shoes will fit. Size dependant. I only have very small feet. Then stitch the design on one rectangle of calico. Zig Zag stitch the sides and bottom and turn the top edge and stitch for a neat finish. Place the two sides together, right sides facing in. Pin together sandwiching a length of ribbon one one edge to make the tie. Stitch around the sides and bottom. Turn out and there you have it!

Flower embroidery template.

Spring is definitely in the air and seeing all the flowers start to bloom in my garden. I just had to stitch some up. This is the latest embroidery design I have created and you can buy an instant download PDF file of it to stitch up some flowers of your own at my Etsy store. Perfect for Easter.

Top 10 Black work inspirations.

I love Black work! I am always amazed how many different looks you can achieve with just one colour of thread. I have been wanting to do more and when looking for inspiration I came across some great sites and thought that I should share.

1. For an amazing take on black work. Take a look at Backstitch’s blog where there is some great inspiration for using black work to shade objects. The Sphere is definitely my favourite and reminds me of graphics lessons at school.

2. I know I just said about the beautiful effects you can get with just one colour but I just had to share Ristina’s work which is just stunning.

3.For something a bit different. Why not try combining Black work stitch with other materials like doe-c-doe does on her beautiful black work and red buttons design. I love the simple colour scheme and the elegant floral look about it. She also provides the pattern so you can have a go yourself.
Blackwork embroidery embellished with buttons - very cute and effective :-)

4. When I was looking for Black work inspiration I was drawn to the more unusual uses for black work and this is definitely one. It is such a novel way to decorate a snails shell and it makes a simple garden creature a star!

5. For a great free pattern to get you started in the art of Black work try the Making spot which has a Free Black work strawberry pattern.

 Blackwork strawberry pin cushion

6. For a free pattern that’s a good place to start as it’s fairly simple, try looking at Hub pages Free Valentine’s Black work heart pattern.
Free Blackwork Valentine's Heart Pattern.

7. Or if you are a little more experienced in black work or just fancy more of a challenge try &stitches for their Black work hearts.
: Blackwork pattern for you to try!

8. If you want to buy some beautiful black work then look no further than Cherrie Wheeler designs on Etsy
Blackwork Rabbits and Hearts
Blackwork on Linen Embroidered Woodland Rabbit Ornament. $15.00, via Etsy.

I just love the rabbits!

9. Or this wonderful deer design using negative space by Maria Dryden
Deer in Blackwork -- maria Dryden -- interesting use of negative space with such a patterned background

10. Finally if you haven’t already visited my Etsy shop I have a great Christmas Black work design available.
Counted cross stitch Red work Christmas trees digital cross stitch pattern