Banana and coconut tart

I don’t know if you saw my tweet when I accidentally ordered 80 bananas on my supermarket shop, but this was one of the puddings I made to use up them. This came from Greg Wallis’ puddings book and it should have been laced with rum but I omitted that due to the kids. It was very tasty but you have to be a lover of coconuts and bananas otherwise this is not the pudding for you. It was also very big and would easily feed 6-8 people.

Quick pudding ideas – fruit fool recipe

Here is another quick pudding idea.
I normally always have a selection of frozen fruit in the freezer and some instant custard powder, so all I needed to buy was some cream to finish it off. Don’t worry if you cant get the cream, it’ll taste great without it.
To make it you will need
1/2 a punnet of frozen mixed berries defrosted.
1 pint of instant custard made up to the packets instructions.
Whizz the berries in a blender until smooth. It’s up to you if you want to sieve to remove the pips.
Fold into cooled custard and pour into four serving dishes.
Leave in the fridge to set and add whipped cream to the top to serve.