Friday, 10 October 2014

Corpse bride mini bouquet.

I have decided to go as a corpse bride to my Halloween party this year. My costume is inspired a little by the movie but in no way is it a copy. I wanted to make a little bouquet to carry and whilst sat in my study my eyes landed on some artificial button holes I had kept from an earlier wedding we had attended. I grouped four of them together and bound them with florist tape.

I then stippled a base coat of light blue fabric paint on the edges of the rose petals.

Then using black fabric paint with a dry brush I dragged black from the base of the petals. I still wanted to keep some of the white and not obscure the blue.

Overall I am really pleased with the results and the photos don't do the bouquet justice to how other worldly the flowers look.

I am now going to try the technique on a larger scale to make my costume. I have a very old lace dress that I am going to hand paint to match. I'll post progress photos soon!

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