Thursday, 27 February 2014

My top 10 St David's Day crafts.

For those of you that don't know St David is the patron Saint of Wales and St David's day is on the 1st of March. We live very close to the Welsh boarder and you know me I will take any excuse to craft.
Here is a round up of some of the best St David's day crafts I've seen. This will surely inspire you to find a little Welsh in you somewhere and enjoy the holiday.
1. You can't go far wrong with making something to eat when celebrating a Saints day. So why not take a look at zahlicious for a great recipe for Welsh cakes and beautiful food photographs as well.
Wishing you all a Happy St David's Day - cake of the day - Welsh Cakes!

2. If your in the mood for something more substantial to eat you could try Bara Brith. The recipe varies slightly depending on who you ask and everyone will tell you that theirs is the right way to make it. But you can't go far wrong with the nurture store's recipe.
St David's Day Bara Brith! | #stdavidsday #barabrith

3. Whilst your looking at the nurture store, have a look at their daffodil bunting. Such a great take on bunting and a great pop of colour.
Daffodil crafts to celebrate spring: daffodil bunting and pinwheels

4. If your more into your cakes and want something less traditional have a look at these daffodil cupcakes from Clares cup cakes.
Daffodil cupcakes for St Davids Day - March 1st.

5. Or these smaller bunches of daffodil cupcakes by the wedding information site.
We can't resist these adorable daffodil cupcakes! They're ALMOST too cute to eat! #springweddings #cupcakes #weddings

6. If you are celebrating something extra special on St David's day. Why not take inspiration from Lasalle bakery who create the most wonderful tired cakes.
Happy St. David's Day (Mar 1)

7. If you want some craft ideas to make with the children, these candy centre pieces made using cake cases by Martha Stewart are a great, simple make that doesn't require many materials.

Make daffodils from baking cups and flower cutouts for your Easter or spring table.

8. They would also look great teamed with these daffodil sun catchers. There is a great tutorial with clear photos at
Daffodil suncatchers. Make for St David's Day then send home as a Mother's Day gift.    from

9. If fabric is more your thing and you want to sew something that you can use year after year to decorate for St David's day. Take a look at Clare's craft room. Her fabric daffodils are lovely and there's plenty of other inspiring projects to look at on her blog.
Perfect for St Davids Day. A lovely sewing craft idea from Clare's Craftroom blog.

10. Finally here's a simple free cross stitch pattern to whip up.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts.

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
I had this wool tank top for work that I shrunk in the wash ages ago. Now I loved the colours and not wanting to throw it away, I knew it awaited a project and I found one in Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. It was for a chicken and I thought it would be perfect to make for my Easter display. 

Here is how I did it. First you need to print out the pattern that comes on the cd rom with the book. 
Then lay out your felted jumper flat. 
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Pin on the templates and cut out your shapes. I added a seam allowance as the pieces didn't look very big.
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Pin on the underbelly to one side of the chicken, rights sides together.
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 

Then I stitched the underbelly piece to one side of the chicken. Then stitched the waddle and comb in place.

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Next pin on the other side of the chicken. Stitch all around the chicken leaving a turning hole.
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Turn the right way.

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Stuff and close the opening. Add the wings either side with hand stitch to secure.
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 
Here is the finished chicken keeping my eggs warm.
Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 

Felted wool Chicken - Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fruit silk screen prints.

Fruit silk screen prints. 
This is a collection of some silk screen prints I did based on fruit. They are all screened on paper rather than fabrics. I tried to keep the colour scheme really simple and suck to three main colours in my scheme. I wanted a heavy emphasis on black and kept the colour only for outlining the design. I think they have turned out quite strong graphic images and would like to incorporate them into a textile piece. 

 Apple on the horizon.
Fruit silk screen prints. 
 Green pear
Fruit silk screen prints. 
 Pear printed onto paper and acetate
Fruit silk screen prints. 
Pear printed onto handmade paper
Fruit silk screen prints. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Red button buttonhole corsage

I meant to post pictures of this earlier as I made it for Valentine's day. I was attending a class with my youngest son and we had to dress in red or pink for the occasion. I made this to adorn my buttonhole in my coat. It was very simple to make and was whipped up with materials I had knocking around in my craft drawer. In fact one of materials I used had never cost me a thing. My husband had been having a clear out and had thrown away old mobile phone chargers. So I picked them out of the rubbish and striped the cables and got the wire out. It's very fine and is ideal for jewellery making projects. So, first of all I threaded each button onto the middle of a piece of wire about 20 cm long and twisted it to secure. Once I had a bunch of them I grouped them as you would when making a bouquet. Then I added in some artificial leaves I had plundered from an old wedding buttonhole of my husbands and then wrapped the stem with floral tape to secure and give a tidy finish. It's very robust yet still quite light and I may make some in other colours to go with other outfits. 

Red button buttonhole corsage 
 Close up of my button choices.
Red button buttonhole corsage 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free cross stitch Peach, Pear, Plum PDF pattern

Inspired by the book Each Peach pear plum by Jane and Allan Alberg. I have been working on some craft projects. Here is the first one a simple cross stitch pattern that could be used to decorate anything.

Free cross stitch Peach, Pear, Plum  PDF pattern

Monday, 17 February 2014

Easter bunny.

I have just finished making George's Easter present as he is too young for chocolate and this is way cuter. I got the pattern from the February 2013 issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine. I adapted it slightly changing the suggested fabrics to ones from my fabric stash. Including some of my own designed fabric for his ears and the patch on his knee. It's called diggers, dumpers and demolition and it's available to buy from my Spoonflower shop.
Easter bunny.
 Close up of his face.
Easter bunny.
 Knee patches.
Easter bunny.

Oriental tree - satin stitch and beading

Oriental tree - satin stitch and beading
I find myself again with a difficult decision. What to do with sample work I did when I was studying textiles. Here is a perfect example. It's a beautiful oriental tree I embroidered using satin stitch and beading. But it's only a sample, a trial of something that didn't ever become anything. This is where the difficult deciosion I return it to its sketchbook in the loft and leave it there or do I try and find some purpose for an item that took time and effort and is beautiful?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sketching using stitch on handmade paper

I have been having another look back through some sketchbook of mine recently. I find it always interesting to look at old work and think about it in new contexts. These pages are from some work I did at the Worcester porcelain factory museum and I like the way I have taken my early sketch and developed it onto handmade paper using stitch. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed making and using handmade paper and I am sure that William would love to have a go at making some. I also like the idea of stitch on other materials and would like to do some more work in this method. Perhaps some Easter decorations? 
Sketching using stitch on handmade paper

Sketching using stitch on handmade paper

Thursday, 13 February 2014

quick pudding ideas - yoghurt fruit fool

We do love a pudding in our house and often I'll be asked to make something quickly. This is a great quick Dessert that is healthy and delicious too!
All it takes are a few standby ingredients I always have to hand.

You will need for four:
One carton of Greek Yoghurt,
1/4 packet of frozen mixed berries,
2 tbsp of maple syrup.

Defrost the frozen berries in a microwave or in a saucepan over a low heat. 
Allow to cool. 
Stir in the maple syrup.
Blend until smooth.
Divide the Greek yoghurt into four dishes.
Spoon the fruit mixture into the centre.
You can swirl it a bit if you choose.

This is great for Pudding but also perfect for breakfast, on its own or with muesli. 
quick pudding ideas - yoghurt fruit fool 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Little bunny loves tea time

I had been thinking about making this little bunny for a long time now. She has been sat on the page in my sketch book just waiting to be made. 
She's a very simple bunny made from felt and a few embroidery stitches. She only took an afternoon to make. 
She's very happy to be off the page and drinking tea in my study. 
Little bunny loves tea time

Little bunny loves tea time

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Free Spotty rabbit Easter cross stitch pattern PDF

A perfect pattern to stitch up for Easter. I just love these patterned animal silhouettes I've been seeing everywhere so I just had to make my own. I just couldn't help but fill this rabbit with pink and white spots. Just click on the read more link for the pattern. Enjoy!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Work in progress - polar animals alphabet sampler

I was given this kit for Christmas and have made some progress on it over the last few nights. I can't decide whether to keep it of give it to my friend who is expecting. As you can tell I am not very disciplined when stitching and tend to wander over the pattern picking out bits to sew and avoiding the tricky bits till last!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Easter egg cross stitch - black and turquoise egg with hearts

Are you ready for Easter?
I now in the crafting and blogging world everything runs alot faster than in the real world. This is why I have already stitched a whole lot of Easter egg designs. I have based them around the dark floral look which is so popular at the moment and am planning on turning them into egg cosies and giving them this year. No one really needs anymore chocolate.
If you like the pattern it's available as a set of three on my etsy store. Click on the link on my side bar to have a look.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Somebunny free World of Cross stitching pattern

I just finished the free gift that came with this months World of Cross stitching and had to share.
It's going to be perfect for my friend who's expecting next month.

Free Purple butterfly cross stitch pattern PDF

This butterfly would look great stitched for a card or used as a motif for home decor.

Stitch count 49w x 36h
finished size 8.89 x 6.53cm (14 ct./inch)
Cloth aida
Cloth's colour white
# of colours 5

If you are stitching up any of my designs I'd love you to share them with me. Post me a pic on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

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