Shoe box teddy bed.

Just a quick one from me today. With the weather being bad it’s often hard to find new activities to do with the little ones to stop them getting bored. I don’t know about yours but both of mine when they were little showed great care for their cuddly toys. With that in mind I came up with the show box bed. I have a lot of nursing blankets in the cupboard and they are the perfect size for playing with the cuddly toys. So we found an old shoe box and using folded baby blankets made the rhino a new bed. My youngest loved tucking him up, kissing him goodnight and then rudely waking him up! Comedy gold apparently. It kept him occupied for a good 20-30 minutes which when you are stuck in, in the winter can be a real blessing.
Even if you don’t have a shoe box a folded baby blanket can make a great sleeping bag for a cuddly toy as Macka Packa is kindly demonstrating.


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