New wardrobe project – Batwing top

Here’s my second item for my new wardrobe project. It’s a bat wing top and I made it from a free pattern from Prima magazine.

My husband used to think I was to young to read Prima but I love it and it’s so cheap when you consider you get a free pattern each month if you subscribe. I think it great value for money.

New wardrobe project – Batwing top
The design was really easy to make and is great for beginners. You basically have four skills you need to master to sew this top.
1 cutting out. I found this poly cotton mix fabric a bit slippy to cut out, but that partly because I have a glass table and partly because I couldn’t find my pattern weights. If you don’t have any I would definitely recommend buying or making some as they are so handy.
2 Sewing straight seams. Alright there is one slight curve under the arm but it’s mostly straight seams.
3. Hemming.
4. Sewing bias binding. Once you use bias binding you will love it. It gives such a great finish and it’s not as tricky as you might think. Just remember the top stitching on your machine is always the better so make such that is on the outside of your bias binding and your onto a winner.

Overall I am really pleased with my new addition. It’s smarter than wearing a t-shirt but still looks casual. It didn’t take up much fabric and it didn’t take up to much time either. I was done in an afternoon. It’s definitely a pattern I will make again.
So that’s item number two of my 12 months of new clothes. I just need to get brave enough to sew trousers or a shirt next…

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