Sunday, 8 March 2015

Drawstring toy sack - Great British sewing bee

Do you love the Great British sewing bee? I do, and have done since the first series. My husband, always the thoughtful gift buyer fueled my sewing craze and bought me the first Great British sewing bee book for Christmas. One quiet evening I was leafing through the book and came across the pattern for a laundry bag. No use to us is a laundry bag, but oh how many cuddly toys could I stuff away in one!
Drawstring toy sack
Drawstring toy sack
The instructions to make the laundry bag can be found here.
I found the instructions very clear, They took you step by step through the whole process and there were even some extra diagrams to explain certain trickier steps. Anyone who has had some experience of sewing should be able to make this and I would also recommend it as a great starting project as there are no curved seams to contend with.
I used some spare curtain fabric I had left from the youngest's nursery to make the toy sack. I just love the sunny yellow and the happy jungle animals.
The drawstring worked perfectly and pulls up nice and tight.
The design also included a hanging loop, which I added as I was following the pattern for the first time. I'm not sure how much use I will get out of it as it is quite heavy when stuffed full of cuddly toys.
Finally, an added unexpected bonus, is when it's full of soft toys it makes a great cushion for leaning on when I am meant to be playing cars on the floor!


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