Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Handmade felt brooches and gift box

Handmade felt brooches and gift box
I was asked last week to teach a two hour course on gift making for Mother's day. The only specification was it shouldn't require lots of equipment to make and should be fairly low cost to produce. So this is what I came up with; hand sewn felt brooches and origami folded gift boxes.
Handmade felt brooches and gift box
The first example I showed the class was this oak leaf and acorn brooch. I love working with felt as it comes in such a wide range of colors and it so easy to work with. 

Handmade felt brooches and gift box
I also showed them how to make an origami folded gift box in a complimentary colour to their gift and instructions for how to make one can be found here.
Handmade felt brooches and gift box
This is how I made the felt oak leaf and acorn brooch.

  • Cut two wiggly oak leaf shapes, one each from green and brown felt. 
  • Cut two flat topped egg shapes for the acorn out of light green felt.
  • Cut one acorn cap shape out of brown felt.
  • Blanket stitch around the acorn shape leaving the top open.
  • Couch around the green oak leaf shape with two shades of green embroidery floss. Use six stands for the main thread and two strands of floss to couch down with.
  • Stitch the veins of the leaf using stem stitch. Use two stands of light green embroidery floss.
  • Stuff the acorn lightly with some wadding. 
  • Secure to the leaf by stitch the cap over the top of the acorn onto the leaf with running stitch. This should leave the body of the acorn to sit away from the leaf.
  • Sew a string of brown beads onto the bottom of the leaf to make the stalk.
  • Stitch a brooch back to the brown leaf shape.
  • Cover the stitch on the brown leaf shape with a small piece of brown felt glued on with fabric glue.
  • Finally stitch the brown leaf shape onto the green using running stitch.

Handmade felt brooches and gift box
To compliment the oak leaf brooch and to offer an easier and quicker make I also showed my students this poppy flower design brooch.
Handmade felt brooches and gift box
It is very simple to make and requires no more sewing skills than running stitch.
To make the felt poppy brooch:

  • Cut eight small heart shapes from red felt
  • Cut two black felt oval shapes
  • Place four of the heart shapes, with the points towards the middle onto one of the black ovals. Stitch to secure.
  • Place the next set of four heart shapes on top making sure the sit in the gaps of the previous four and stitch into place.
  • Sew the remaining black oval on top using running stitch.
  • Stitch a group of black seed beads on top of the black oval.
  • On the back stitch a brooch back.
  • Cover the brooch back with a small piece of black felt glued in place with fabric glue to hide the stitches.

Handmade felt brooches and gift box

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