Lego party

My eldest boy is so ridiculously into lego. It is everywhere in his room, despite me making lots of storage for it. He plays for hours with it and when he’s not playing with it he is talking about it. So it was inevitable that he would ask for a lego party for his birthday.

Here are some of the highlights from his party.

I made two lego cakes as we were having two parties in one day. I know, mad! The first cake I made was a lego block cake in green. I made a rectangle sponge cake covered it with buttercream and then green fondant. I then used 6 oreos covered with buttercream and green fondant to make the top of the cake. It looked effective and fed loads.

I used a lego storage head to hold crisps in on the table. I made little print out flags with lego heads on and used them around the table.

I used candy melts and a lego mold to make the little red lego men.

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