Sunday, 20 September 2015

Children's painting ideas.

Children's painting ideas.
I know many parents that are adversed to letting their little ones paint, but I personally don't mind a little mess. Tidying up and cleaning down is all part of the fun in our house.
The only problem that we sometimes encounter is how to make it accessible for my youngest who is just over two. He found the paintbrushes just to cumbersome and they loaded up with too much paint. So this was the ideal solution. Painting with q-tips. You only need a small amount of paint of them, they are great for painting with but also dotting and you can have one for each colour. That enables the colours to stay cleaner and you don't end up with a mud colored painting!

Children's painting ideas.
If you want to have a go a other great painting ideas for under threes. Check out my Pinterest page.

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