Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Quick and easy pirate activities

We do like a pirate theme in the Cartwright house and this summer has been no exception. However with my youngest his concentration doesn't stand for long winded activities, so these are our three favorite quick and easy pirate activities.

1. Make a treasure map.

For older children they may want to draw out a map, but for speed and ease we made our treasure map using stickers.

Quick and easy pirate activities

I don't know about yours but my boys LOVE stickers and I keep a whole stack of them in different themes, ready to pull out when they feel like creating. Then all I needed to do was offer them a large sheet of parcel paper torn around the edges and hey presto! An almost instant treasure map was created.

2.  Egg box boats. 

For this you would need:
  • An egg box with the lid removed.
  • Four drinking straws for masts
  • Four sails cut from white paper
  • Scissors
  • sellotape
  • Optional - a pen or stickers to decorate the sails.

Quick and easy pirate activities
To make the boat simply snip two holes in each sail top and bottom and thread them onto the drinking straws. If you want to decorate them, either with pens or stickers do that before threading them on the straw.
Then snip four small holes in the top parts of the egg box and push the straw sails into them. Secure on the bottom with sellotape.
Add a cheeky peg doll pirate and your away!
Quick and easy pirate activities
3. Treasure Island cake

This idea can be taken as far as you want and you can go crazy decorating the island. Ours didn't get much decorating as they were desperate to eat it, but it shows the basic idea.
To make a treasure island cake, you will first need a sponge tray bake cake. This can be either homemade or store bought.
You cut three holes in the cake making sure that you don't go all the way through. Keep the tops and fill the gaps with sweets. I used smarties.

Quick and easy pirate activities
Push the cake lids back on and decorate your cake. You could use roll our fondant or glace icing. Add any decorations you want, we were going to have a ice cream cornet volcano, but as I said they couldn't even wait for the icing to dry let alone anything else!

Quick and easy pirate activities
Then when to cut into the cake, some lucky pirates will hit treasure!

Quick and easy pirate activities
Have you got any great pirate themed craft ideas?

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