Free Nordic stag cross stitch pattern

I’m definitely having a love affair with all things Nordic and knitted this Christmas. So with that in mind I made this stag design for you to get into the spirt too. I love the Christmas red and white colour scheme against the black background. Maybe add a few French knot snowflakes or beads to really up the winter theme. Or feel free to change the colours to suit your own personal d├ęcor. Just click on the read me link to download the free PDF file pattern.

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Christmas salt dough decorations.

I shared by KS4 catering students Christmas cakes yesterday, but I meant to show you what we do in advance of decorating our cakes. I normally run a session prior to decorating, where my student can practice modelling their ideas. It’s a great lesson and they all enjoy learning some new modelling techniques.

What I use for this lesson is simple salt dough. The kind that everyone has had a go with when they were young. The good thing about these medium is it handles in similar way to modelling with roll out fondant icing and once dry they can use their creations as Christmas decorations, added bonus.

For a great salt dough recipe visit my salt dough jar labels post.

Christmas cake decorating workshop with KS4 catering students

I love teaching Catering and espicaly in the run up to Christmas. It’s lovely to make lots of delicious treats with my student. One particular task they always enjoy is baking and decorating their Christmas cakes. So I thought I’d share a selection of photos from my class.

I love how creative they all are, even the students who would describe themselves as not very ‘arty’ really enjoy putting their personal touch to their cake.

Free cross stitch pattern, dots and stripes

Something a little different from me this week. I had this design as part of fabric collection and when looking at current trends in cross stitch, thought it would convert quite well. It is definitely a bit different from my normal style of pattern design but I hope that you like it. Please click on the read more link to download the free pattern. 

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