Fungi – Redbubble collection

Beautiful, delicate pencil drawings of fungi on forest floor colours.
Fungus Cushion cover


Button Mushrooms Ipad Skin

Cap Mushrooms Hardback Journal

Wood land Mushrooms Laptop skin

Fungi Framed Art Print

Mushrooms studio Pouch

Butterfly collection, Redbubble

When I’m doodling I will often find myself drawing butterflies, I fact I love them so much I have a blue butterfly tattoo on my shoulder. So it is no surprise to me that one of the first collections I created in my Redbubble store was of butterflies. Their delicate wings, intricate patterns and beautiful colours are a designers dream come true when looking for inspiration.
Blue butterfly Framed Art print
There is no specific pallet for my collection, but I have tried to stick to blues, greys, purples and pinks. What I was more interested in was how the butterfly images look in repeat.

Blue striped butterflies Samsung phone cover
I have selected a few of my favourite products from the Redbubble store to showcase my designs. But the designs can be bought on most products and it’s worth having a look around the store.

Butterfly Spiral notebook
Most of my designs start off as pencil sketches and then I work over the design with fine liner before scanning in the designs and working on them on the computer.

Butterfly – red Laptop skin

Butterfly sketch Studio pouch
Purple butterfly Duvet Cover
Cross stitch purple butterfly Scarf

 These designs are an exception to the rule as they have been created using cross stitch patterns of mine as the basis for the repeat pattern. These cross stitch patterns can be downloaded for free here.

Dark purple butterfly Cushion cover
Pair of butterflies Mug

Pink butterfly drawstring bag

 My final design in the collection is also something a bit different from my usual designing method. This has been created from a silk painting I did and I love how it creates a 3d quality to the design. I hope you enjoy seeing the design work I am creating and can stop by my Redbubble shop and see what else I have to offer.

new RBExternalPortfolio(‘’, ‘craftcartwright’, 2, 2).renderIframe();

House on the hill, Redbubble collection

I’ve been looking into different print on demand sites to use my back catalogue of designs. So far I’ve uploaded my designs onto both Redbubble and Zazzle. They are both easy to work with and once set up, apart from promoting your work it’s almost a passive income. That said, I have not had many sales from either store. Then it occurred to me that I haven’t shared any of the great product you can buy with my work on, on my blog.
‘Balloons’ on Cushion cover
‘Apple Orchard’ on mugs
So my first feature is my ‘House on the Hill’ collection. You can buy my designs on almost any product but here I have picked some of my favourites to showcase the designs in the collection.

‘Blue sky, free Balloons’ on leggings
How cute are these leggings? Any little (or big) girl would love a pair of these dreamy leggings.

‘Flower meadow’ on studio pouches

‘Blue skies, summer breeze, lay down in the meadow and watch the clouds roll by’ sums up how I would describe my collection.

‘Hot air balloons’ on Tote bags

‘House on the Hill’ on drawstring bags

‘Love pop’ on notepads

If you fancy taking a closer look at my work, please stop by my Redbubble store.

Free cat cross stitch paterns

I have to admit I am a cat lover, I have always grown up with cats and they hold a special place in my heart. I am also a lover of a freebie and here is a great collection of free cat themed cross stitch patterns for you to enjoy. I particularly like the grumpy cat ones!

          Follow Ruth Cartwright’s board Free cat cross stitch patterns on Pinterest.   

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Free Rainbow pencils cross stitch pattern
Free Halloween Skull cat cross stitch pattern
Free Chocolate chip muffin cross stitch pattern


Finished Button bunny cross stitch

I was so in love with the little button bunny cross stitch pattern I designed as a freebie for the blog, that I couldn’t resist stitching one up for home.

The pattern was quick to stitch up and I got through most of the buttons in one evening.

You could make out the natural silhouette of the bunny with the buttons and I liked combining two pinks together to give a more ‘button art’ look to the design.

 However, I did feel that the shape needed to be enhanced with backstitch and I wanted some definition to the ears.

This is the first time I’ve added backstitch to a button art design, so I kept the colour the same as the buttons. I feel it really pulls the design together and overall I was really happy with this cute bunny. Especially, his cotton tail!
You can download your free copy of this cute bunny pattern here.

Free Rainbow pencils cross stitch pattern

The rainbow pencils cross stitch pattern has long been the most popular post on my blog, and who can resist a lovely rainbow of colour!

So I thought it was about time I stitched up my own set of rainbow pencils. I spend so much time designing my patterns and working on my shops, that I sometimes can’t desiccate enough time to stitching and sadly my free patterns often come bottom of the pile in my to-do list of sewing.

 However this is such a cute pattern and not very big, that it was about time I whipped up a set. I love how fresh the colours look. They will be great for a Spring time start back to school on a new pencil case.

 Once the backstitching started the pencils really came to life.

 I made quick progress on the backstitching and the whole pattern just just took me two eveings with copious tea drinking happening alongside!

 If you like following my stitching, why not have a look at my Facebook or Instagram pages, where I regularly post update pics.

I am really pleased with the finished pattern and will definitely make a new pencil case for them to adorn. If you would also like to sew these rainbow pencils, you can download the free PDF file here. Also, take a look at my pattern page as there is a great range of free patterns for all occasions posted there.