Friday, 1 April 2016

Free Rainbow pencils cross stitch pattern

The rainbow pencils cross stitch pattern has long been the most popular post on my blog, and who can resist a lovely rainbow of colour!

So I thought it was about time I stitched up my own set of rainbow pencils. I spend so much time designing my patterns and working on my shops, that I sometimes can't desiccate enough time to stitching and sadly my free patterns often come bottom of the pile in my to-do list of sewing.

 However this is such a cute pattern and not very big, that it was about time I whipped up a set. I love how fresh the colours look. They will be great for a Spring time start back to school on a new pencil case.
 Once the backstitching started the pencils really came to life.
 I made quick progress on the backstitching and the whole pattern just just took me two eveings with copious tea drinking happening alongside!
 If you like following my stitching, why not have a look at my Facebook or Instagram pages, where I regularly post update pics.

I am really pleased with the finished pattern and will definitely make a new pencil case for them to adorn. If you would also like to sew these rainbow pencils, you can download the free PDF file here. Also, take a look at my pattern page as there is a great range of free patterns for all occasions posted there.

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