How to get 15 minutes peace, confessions of a summer parent*

I know what it’s like two weeks into the Summer holidays and you’ve exhausted all your ideas of how to keep the kids entertained for free and you just want 15 minutes peace!

This is the perfect solution and it works with most ages up to 11, I would say. Everyone loves a hunt, whether it’s at Easter or playing pirates. This hunt we have themed around animals and I call it the safari.
Basically, depending on your child’s age, hide a load of plastic animals around the garden.
The older the child the harder they are hidden and the more they have to find.
If you are really desperate for peace tell them there is one more than there actually is and they’ll looking all afternoon!

I hope this helps in you having fun this Summer and getting chance to sit down with a cup of tea.
Do you have any great tips on getting a bit of peace in the holidays? I’d love you to share them.

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Mocktail Bar for Kids

I recently got offered the chance to take part in Robinsons Enjoy more Water challenge. As a mum of two I know how hard it can be to get children to drink enough water, especially in the Summer holidays when the weather is warmer and they are so busy playing. They can easily become dehydrated.

To start us of in the challenge, Robinsons sent us a set of six Squash’d flavours to try and a sticker chart to keep track of how much we were drinking.

At first the novelty of squeezing the shot of squash into their glass of water and trying all the flavours was enough to get them drinking. They also loved the sticker chart, my eldest being at school is well into reward charts and my youngest just loves stickers!
However the novelty factor soon wore off and their water drinking dwindled again.
This is when we decided to make a ‘Mocktail bar’.
It was easy to set up and would be great at a summer birthday or Barbeque.

First we wanted to create a chalkboard Mocktail menu – we didn’t have one at home, so we used an old frame and some chalkboard effect fablon to make the menu.

Then we chose three of our favourite flavours and gave them Mocktail names. Lemon and Lime twist, Orange and Peach punch and Summer fruits blast.

We bought some curly plastic straws, cocktail stirrers and paper umbrellas from poundland to decorate our Mocktails.

I cut up some lemon slices, strawberries and kiwi to either go on the glasses or in to make a punch.

Finally add in a large jug of water and the Squash’d bottles or a jug of squash’d premade up and the Mocktail bar was complete!

I must say that this was a big hit with my boys, basically adding some fun accessories made them feel special and they enjoyed choosing what colour cup and straw to have and which flavour Mocktail to choose. I will definitely be setting this up again over the summer at family get together’s as I’m sure all the kids will want to make one.

This post is an entry for Britmums #EnjoyMoreWater challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

Hedgehog designs and patterns

Things have gone a little bit prickly around Craft with Cartwright towers recently. I have been invaded by cute little snuffly creatures. This week I have been mainly drawing and sewing Hedgehogs. Rarely seen around our parts these days, they remain a fond childhood memory and I love to draw the little critters.


 Featured here are three of my new Hedgehog designs that can be found on cushions like these in my Redbubble store. As fabric in my Spoonflower and Woven Monkey stores or on many other products in my Zazzle and Society 6 stores.

I love the simplicity of the designs in black and white and a lot of my home furnishing designs are in the monochrome pallet.
However I got such good feedback when I first showed by designs on twitter, I thought they would also make great cross stitch patterns. So I added colour to bring their characters to life more and cute little floral frames.
This design has a more spring like floral frame and the other I gave a more Autumnal design to, as I thought he looked like he was getting ready to hibernate.

Both these patterns can be bought and downloaded instantly from my Craftsy store. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do as it’s where I showcase all my cross stitch patterns first.

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