Monday, 29 August 2016

Colour mixing cross stitch

This weekend I have been playing around with colour mixing in my cross stitch. I have used variegated threads before but wanted to try something that gave be more control over where the mixed colour was in my pattern.

Colour mixing cross stitch

I used my simple heart pattern to try out my experiments as I wanted to be able to compare across a design and this is simple but large enough to give a good sample.
The first experiment was to look at bleeding the colours, going tonally from one colour to another. The photo just about picks it up, but it is not true colour mixing.

Colour mixing cross stitch

The next experiment was to mix the colours by using one colour for the first bar of the cross and one colour for over the top to form the x. I like this one and could see myself using this one in places where I wanted to add texture. Roofs of buildings on in area of grass.

Colour mixing cross stitch

My final experiment I haven't quiet finished but want to show you anyway. This is called mixing in the needle and depending on the size of your fabric and needle can be done with multiple strands. Here I threaded my needle with two blue and one orange strand. As you can see the blue dominates but I love how as the thread move when to stitch you see little glimpse of the orange. This would look great when stitching where you wanted to show movement, perhaps in hair or on a swaying dress.

Colour mixing cross stitch
I will continue my little experiments and share them with you soon.
If you want to sew this cute heart design you can find the pattern here or browse through my cross stitch patterns page here. (They are all free!)

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