#FrubesMoves Challenge

My boys have recently really got into the Angry birds, but it is a constant battle with them over who is better the birds or the pigs.
Having a dance off between the Birds and Pigs we could settle the feud for good – they both picked a side and took to the dancefloor (living room rug) to find out who was the ultimate dancer!
My eldest shook his tail feathers with the Birds team and my youngest dance his bacon butt off with the Pigs.

#FrubesMoves Challenge

#FrubesMoves Challenge
Before the dance off could take place we visited angrybirds.frubes.co.uk, where you can egg on your favourite character. In a short dance off game and then we downloaded their favourite character masks to play with later.

We printed off the masks and stuck then onto thin card before cutting them out to make them stand up better to the strength of their dance floor moves. I also put elastic on them rather than the suggested lolly pop stick, so they could keep their hands free when dancing.
When the boys had finished shaking their bodies for all their worth. A tie was called and they had to agree that both sides had some great moves. To cool down, they had a frozen Frube which are a great alternative and a bit less messy!

Frubes is the largest portable yogurt brand. These yummy yogurt tubes squeeze more fun into the day and are a family favourite. Available in Strawberry, Red Berry, Peach, and Banana flavours, they contain vitamin D and calcium for strong bones – great for those wanting to try out their own dance moves just like the Angry Birds and mischievous Pigs!
This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes https://angrybirds.frubes.co.uk//

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