Friday, 10 March 2017

Be Brave, from sketch to final product

So I got such nice feedback on social media from yesterday's post, I thought I share another from sketch to final product process. Still with the typography work, I couldn't avoid working on something motivational and I wanted to improve my brush lettering. Be brave I think is a good motivational quote as it can be focussed on in so many situations. Bravery I think is often underrated, I have had to at times encourage myself to be braver and as a mum you often have to champion bravery to your kids.

This is the original design scanned in from my sketch book. I did the lettering in brush script and I am pleased with the joins and overall flow of the letters. I could add a few more flourish's and I have bookmarked a skill share tutorial to watch on this, so you may see more in my future work.
I scanned the design in at 600dpi in black and white and then imported it into Illustrator. I image traced the design and then recoloured it.

I wanted the lettering to have a ombre look and the floral motifs around to be in matching tints and
I also moved some motifs around and replicated them so there was an overall floral frame to the lettering.
I watched a video on society6 the other day by Cat Coquillette and she offers her designs in a variety of colour ways to suit peoples preferred colour schemes. This is something I hadn't thought of and wanted to try so for the ease of it I thought I offer the design in two colour ways and with or without backgrounds.

These are the designs in Blue.

These are the designs in pink, the choice of colour really changes the mood of the design and this is something I will play with more in future work.

Again it is so nice to see the designs on products and that is one of the main reasons why I love print on demand sites such as Redbubble and Society6.

I picked two of my favourites to share but the designs are featured on many different items.
Here they are on a t-shirt and tote bag.

If you like these designs or fancy checking out my other work. Pop over to my redbubble, society6, zazzle or PAOM stores.

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