Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to make a tie dyed gift bag.

Mother's day can be a tricky one for Dad's especially when the kids are smaller. This is a project I often do in school to make life a little easier for the dads. The kids love making them as they are quick and fun and unique. Perfect for storing a little gift in for mum.

To make the bags you will need cotton fabric as this dyes best.

Once you have made your bag, you can personalise them with tie dye. I was lucky enough to be sent some great dyes from dylon uk to show you this fun project. So we chose to do our bags in blues or purples as this is an easier colour for everyone to agree on. But for your project the sky is the limit and you should check out their website for the great range of colours they stock.

There are various different techniques you can use to create different patterns but these were our favourite designs.

Then you are ready to dye your bags. You must ensure you follow the instructions on your pack carefully as different dyes use different methods and I must stress this is not a bit for the kids to do, I always do the dyeing at school.

I love that this one looks like a heart!

 Don't the finished results look cute tied with a ribbon.

For those most reluctant of sewers you can also get a great result by cutting a square of fabric, fraying the edges and then dyeing it the same way. Gather the edges around you gift and secure with a bow.


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