Can shea butter save my winter skin?*

You know the feeling, the sun has made an appearance and suddenly you have to ditch the 100 denier tights and sloppy jumper that’s been covering you from head to foot all winter and what do you discover? In my case and I’m sure I’m not the only one, neglected dry and pretty sorry for itself skin. My legs often seem to be the worse looking more reptile than is humanly possible. Every year I lament the fact that I didn’t keep up the moisturising routine I had last summer. It’s easier with my face as I see it all the time but the rest of me goes into hibernation shortly after September.

So when Luna from Esocare * asked me to test out her 100% pure unrefined Shea butter I thought my body deserved a second chance at sunshine. I have been making deliberate steps to search out and buy more natural cosmetics. It’s like food when I see a huge list of things on the back of the packet I wonder what it is doing to me. So the chance of something completely untampered with was intriguing.

It arrived beautifully packaged and looking like a quality product. The first thing I noticed was it’s smell. It’s not unpleasant but it is different to what you might normally expect from cosmetics. Remember no perfumes have been added. I asked my husband what he thought of it and he said it smelt like walking in the woods. I must say he’s pretty much nailed it.
It has a similar texture to coconut oil that it is solid and then melts with the heat of your hands. It certainly melted into my legs and they felt super moisturized all day. I put this down to the naturally occurring rubber in it that according to Luna from Esocare places and ‘active seal’ on your skin.

I’ve been using it for just short of a week now and I’ve tried it everywhere from my legs to my face and even the ends of my dried out hair.
My overall verdict, I am now ready for the sun, super moisturized and silky soft.
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*I was given the product in return for my honest review. To see the full advertising and disclosure policy click here.

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