Saturday, 15 April 2017

Why I let my son paint his room pink.

This may seem appalling to some, but I must ask the question why? Why are people so offended that
my four year old son's favourite colour is pink?

No one bats an eyelid when a girl says her favourite colour is blue and yet I have had all sorts of responses when he has told people his favourite colour. Quite often with the person making the gigantic leap that his choice of colour is some how linked with his sexuality! He's four for goodness sake! He has always loved pink since he could name the colours and now we've painted his room, I hope he loves pink for a good while longer. As my husband said 'it's going to take some painting over!'.

So how did we get here?

We left the choice of the colour up to our four year old son as we are decorating his bedroom for his birthday. It was white with jungle animal stickers and was altogether a bit 'nursery'.

So we took him to B and Q and he was delighted to be able to choose from all the colours on the chip rack. My husband and I agreed it would be completely his choice, so that's how we came to be the proud the owners of a tin of 'sporty pink' paint.

It's has got to be the loudest pink I've ever seen, it's not Barbie at all much more a mature Moroccan vibe to it.  He loved watching the lady mix the paint and put it in the machine to shake it, it was a joy to see him so excited.

Boy it up?

After we decorated the room we were surprised how dark it was, my husband still isn't keen and has asked how we can 'boy' it up? But does it really need to be? My son is a boy and nothing will change that. His choice of colour or what toys he plays with or what clothes he wears will not change that.

I hand cut these farm wall decals from black chalkboard fablon.

In fact I am happy that my son has the confidence at four to declare his love for anything with such forthright attitude and I hope he continues to be so sure minded for the rest of his life. His only disappointment with the room was that the radiator, plugs and ceiling had not been painted pink too! That for me would have been a step to far!

Before and after pics to compare.

Would you let your children pick their own paint?
What is your opinion on boys and pink, I'd love to know.


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