Monday, 22 May 2017

5 great ways to paint without a brush

In my time as a teacher and as a mum encouraging my children's creativity I have often found children to get stuck in a mindset of the 'right' way to draw and the 'right' way to paint. I find it deeply tragic when children and adults tell me that they can't do it. Just because you dont' like the result when you put a brush to paper does not mean you are not capable of being a painter. It just means you haven't found your way of painting yet.

So if you feel like breaking free of the 'right' way to paint. Loose the brush and try these five great ideas instead. You might just find you find your or your child's perfect way to paint and release all the creative potential.

1. Dot painting.

Weather to choose to be really messy and get back to early childhood painting with yor finger tips or use cotton buds. Painting with dots is great fun. The rhythmic pattern play is so relaxing. This style links to early paintings and can be seen a lot in aboriginal work.

2. Painting with bubbles

We love doing this in our house. Just mix up a half cup of water based paint, with a table spoon of water to loosen it and a tablespoon of washing up liquid in a large bowl. Use a straw and blow bubbles in the mix. Lay paper over the top and print your own bubbly painting. Just remember to watch children blow and don't drink the paint.

3. Painting with feathers

Feel really old school and use feathers to delicately tickle the paint onto paper. It gives a great wispy, natural flow to your artwork. They are also great dipped in paint and pressed between two sheets of paper to make a print.

4. Potatoes!
Everyone loves a potato print. Not just for infants, potato printing can be taken to a whole new level. Try using cookie cutters to aid you in creating more complex shapes in the potato and then stamp away to your hearts content.

5. Paint with cardboard
Use strips of cardboard to apply paint in smears, like old school masters would have used a pallet knife in oil paintings. Try cutting different shaped cardboard strips, with curved or zig zag edges to experiment with different mark making in the paint.

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  1. I love these and am inspired to try them with my eldest. My youngest would probably try to eat it all! #MakeItLinky

  2. There are some great edible paints available!

  3. I used to love bubble painting as a child. I completely forgot about doing this. My girls will love it. Thank you for joining us at #CraftyCorner

  4. I really need to try the bubble painting, I had forgotten all about that from my childhood. My two would love it! Thanks for joining us at #craftycorner x



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