How to have a perfect BBQ*

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Barbeque season is upon us and while I love eating outdoors and enjoying the longer days. It can turn into more hassle than its worth if you let it. Suddenly you find yourself spending longer in the kitchen or waiting hours for the Barbeque to heat up. This can be the opposite of the lazy afternoons you imagined.
Which is why I have some top tips for enjoying the perfect Barbeque to help you have a stress free summer and enjoy all the smoky flavours of a great barbeque.

1. As soon as the supermarkets start selling the barbeque stuff look out for the offers they have on and stock up with things that can be frozen. Take advantage of a big freezer space if you have it and then you’ll never be scrabbling around for sausages at the last minute.

2. Buy all your barbeque supplies in spring. Big DIY superstores tend to always have it in stock to buy before the rush then you are guaranteed to can barbeque at the drop of a hat. The British weather is unpredictable and you don’t want to miss out on the one day of summer because the supermarket had run out of charcoal.

3. Make your barbeque burn more efficiently and save you money. Let’s be honest barbequing can be expensive. With a Firemizer in your barbeque it slows down the air flow and reduces the burn rate. Therefore giving you a longer time period to cook for, great when you are entertaining from lunch into evening. It also conducts heat evenly across the fire meaning there are no cold spots where sausages linger untouched by heat. We used one in our barbeque for the first time this year and my mum was already eyeing up the firemizer for her stove at home.

4. Don’t stress over salads. There are a whole host of salads that are quick and easy to prepare. Why not try my carrot and orange salad and my fruity creamy slaw If you are really pushed for time or hate being left in the kitchen buy a bag of prewashed salad and make it awesome with my honey and mustard dressing.

5. Don’t worry if it all goes wrong, people don’t mind waiting for their lunch a little longer if the sun is shining. Put some music on, have a drink and enjoy the weather. You never know it may be the only day of summer we get.

I was sent a Firemizer in exchange for my honest opinion. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here.

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5 Replies to “How to have a perfect BBQ*”

  1. I love a good BBQ, I need to show him this post and convince him to buy one though. He's insisting on building one…3 years ago! so we just have to get disposable ones. I love the sound of the oragne salad x
    Thanks for joining #DreamTeam

  2. BBQ, or Braai as we call it here in Africa, is part of our culture, but the age-old agument is how much hard work and preparation goes into it. It's not just a case of slapping a piece of meat on a fire and turning it twice (despite most men's ideas).
    I have a fantastic broccoli salad on my blog which is awesome for preparing a few hours in advance too, which then gives you time to join in the actual BBQ too instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

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