Jewellery Candle review

Have you got a lady in your life that you struggle to buy gifts for? I do, in fact with my mum, mother in law and plenty of sister in laws. I find it a all too real struggle quite often. Buying for kids is so much easier, you see what is the latest toy or ask them and they produce a list 10 foot long with all the things they want. As people get older buying them something they will really love gets so much harder, they already have all the things they need and often buy themselves the treats and knick knacks that you might choose for presents.

So when I was asked to review this Jewellery Candle from The Charming Candle company, not only was I delighted to have a beautiful scented candle for my lounge. I also think I have discovered a great gift for all the ladies in my life.

So what is a Jewellery candle?

My hubby was a little confused when he saw me lighting it. He thought it would be jewel encrusted or some other blinged up monstrosity. Instead he was looking at a beautiful glass votive, that now burning was filling my lounge with a beautiful citrus scent. I had the pink champagne one which is scented with grapefruit, orange and pomelo.

The Jewellery is hidden inside the wax it can be either a ring or a charm bead. As you burn the candle a little gold package is revealed. It took two nights for me to first catch a glimpse of gold foil pocking out. I was so tempted to try and dig it out but my hubby stopped me. On the third night it was fully revealed. You then, snuff the candle out, pull it out with tweezers and wipe off the wax. Inside was a beautiful delicate two band ring.

Perfect gift solution.

It’s two great gifts in one. So this is fair warning to all my female family members this is what you’ll be having next birthday. Who doesn’t like beautiful scented candles and jewellery? You can find the Jewellery candles from the Charming Candle company.

I was sent this Jewellery candle for free in exchange for my honest opinion. You can read my advertising and disclosure policy here.

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