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Review for FlyingKids*

I am a culture vulture I will admit and my first purchase after booking a holiday is a guide book. I will hungrily devour every scrap of information, historical facts and try my best to learn at the least a few of the most common phrases. This I hope to instil in my children. I love travelling and have visited numerous countries in my thirty six years. Having children hasn’t stopped me either and I really enjoy taking my children abroad to experience different customs and cultures.

This year we are taking a trip to Spain and my eldest has already been asking me about the language. We’ve been practicing how to count to ten on the walk to school this last week. So we were pleased when we were asked to review FlyingKids Travel Guide to Spain.

It is just the thing for my eight year old. He has already started filling in the preparations for travel and the who is travelling sections. Building his interest and excitement in the trip. Shame he still has to wait three months!

What we loved about the guide was it gave you a bit of information on lots of different topics and broke them down into bite sized facts and games to play.
So you could find out about the major cities, the history and food for example.
My eldest favourite section was definitely the language section and he’s already learnt the word for cool.

It’ll be a great one to fill the time on the plane and refer to while we are on holiday. Plus it also has a section at the back for filling in a holiday journal. So he will have something to look back on and take in for show and tell after the summer break.

I don’t want my children to holiday and see everywhere as just a beach with different sounding ice creams and this guide will hopefully get them more engaged with the richness of Spain.

Flyingkids also have a great range of guide books for many different countries France through to Thailand.

I was sent a copy of FlyingKids Travel Guide to Spain in exchange for my honest review. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here.

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  1. Oh this is a fab idea! I love that someone has thought about the kids too, so many boring adult versions but this is way more fun! #friyaylinky

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