Natural elements skincare review

Natural elements review*

Do you ever think about what is in the stuff you are rubbing into your skin? For a while I must admit I didn’t. I wouldn’t even look further on the label than to see if it was for my skin type or not. Now I am a coeliac I think more carefully than ever about what I am putting in and onto my body. I know I am not eating my skin care products but I do wonder what effect all the ingredients are having to my body.

Yes I want to maintain my skin and if possible not look like the tired thirty six year old staring back at me but I also want to protect my health and not be using products with excessive amounts of synthetic perfumes or any products containing parabens.

So when I was sent some samples from Natural elements to review, I was pleased to see that their products are completely plant based using combinations of plant extracts, vital oils and essential oils.

If you have read my blog recently you will know I am a convert to using oils in my beauty routine. If you could call it a routine, I often have to scramble for ten minutes in the bathroom. So I was pleased with how quickly the oils soaked into my skin. I have found if you are really pushed for time you can also mix the facial oil and blending cream in your hand and put them on in one go.
I really like the blending cream as it gave a matt finish to my skin, for days when I didn’t want a dewy finish.

I have been using oils and the blending cream for about a week now day and night. I have noticed that my skin has looked more nourished and has stayed beautifully hydrated all day. No dry spots returning to my cheeks or forehead in the day.

Natural elements I think are a great choice for anyone who thinks about the ethics of the company they are buying from. They choose to sue fully recyclable packaging, they don’t test on animals and don’t use ingredients tested on animals.
They are also suitable for people with sensitive skin, allergies, vegetarians, vegans and those who want alcohol free products.

I was sent these samples from Natural elements in exchange for my honest review. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here.
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