Pairfum Reed diffuser review

Review for Pairfum.

It’s not normally I get any kind of luxury for myself, let alone have something that does a good job around the house. With our budget being tight since I’ve been a stay at home mum, the little treats I would once have afforded myself have had to be shelved.

So being sent the luxury bell reed diffuser from Pairfum to review, was such a treat. It came beautifully packaged in gold, cream and black and looks like something you would see in a glamourous London hotel.

The boys could not understand my thrill, why do men not get the pleasure from fine scents, candles etc. That I do?

I set it up in the lounge and soon it was filled with the delicious scent of vanilla. If you haven’t used or seen a reed diffuser before, it’s easy to set up. It comes as a large bottle of corked perfume, you then add as many reeds as you want. The scent is stronger the more reeds you add and how often you turn them.

This is where it’s purpose comes in. If you live with boys, you will know that they can come accompanied by a smell. Sweaty gym kit, socks and puddles left on the loo floor have left my house with a funky smell sometimes.

Not now, in fact I think the reed diffuser is going to permanently live in the bathroom. I did enjoy it’s scent in my lounge, but it will work wonders in there!
It has made my house smell wonderful, given it a touch of luxury and me a well deserved treat.

Pairfum offer naturally luxurious couture perfume for beauty in wellbeing:
•             Natural Home Fragrance,
•             Organic Skin Care, and
•             Natural Eau de Parfum.

I was sent the reed diffuser for free from Pairfum in exchange for my honest opinion. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here.
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