Ten great gifts for every type of Dad

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Father’s day will soon be upon us and I like many mums, daughters and wives will be looking for the perfect Father’s day gift. In fact I will be looking for four. As I have my hubby to buy for as the kids are too young, my Dad, my step Dad and my Father In Law because hubby is too lazy. So when it comes to Father’s day gifts I think I am a bit of an expert and I have narrowed it down to ten perfect gifts to suit every kind of Dad.

1. The Old School Dad.

These days most people check the time on their phone, but not the old school dad. He needs a watch. This is the perfect gift for him. A classic watch with a stitched brown leather strap that goes so well with the gold case and white opaline dial. My hubby feels he isn’t dressed without a watch and loves this Henry London from Amara.

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2. The Sporty Dad

Every serious runner needs something cool to listen to while they pound the pavement or the treadmill. Make sure your Dad never misses a note with these wireless Bluetooth sport headphones which are also sweat resistant.

3.The Sweet Tooth Dad

Chocolates may not be the first thing you’d think of when gift buying for your Dad but I know my hubby has a sweet tooth and in fact most of the men I know are partial to chocolates. Give them a more refined and grown up version with these Elizabeth Shaw Salted Carmel Crisps. If you can resist eating them before June the 18th that is.

4. The Gamer Dad

Gaming isn’t just for kids, I know my hubby really got the PlayStation for himself not the boys. So for big gamer dads this is the perfect Tee for them.

 5. The Travel Loving Dad

Some Dads would be happy to be on permanent vacation. You know the type, back from one holiday and planning the next. In shorts and sandals from the first signs of spring to the last drops of Autumn. For classic, cool comfort all summer long, give them a pair of Ugg Ithan Cork sandals. My hubby’s feet just don’t want to part with his!

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6. The Lazy Dad

I have been know to say that my hubby is lazy but really he isn’t. Some Dads are kind of proud of their Laziness so here is the perfect gift for them.

7. The DIY Dad.

We own about three tape measures in our house and yet we can never find one when we need it. Be sure your Dad knows which one is his with this fun No.1 Dad measure.  

8. The Connoisseur Dad

For many Dads I know, Whiskey has become one of their favourite drinks. They can become experts in the age, area and flavours of the whiskey. If you know one of these Connoisseur Dads then you will know, you should not put ice in it as it waters it down. These whiskey stones made from Granite chill the whiskey without dilution.
9. The Classic Dad

When going out meant you wore a shirt and really dressed up. If you’ve heard this phrase before than you have probably met a Classic Dad. These Brass Plated ‘Brave and True’ cufflinks are the perfect gift. Great also for office dads and those that have weddings to go to this year. My hubby will be proudly sporting his at the summer weddings we are attending this year. A stylish and contemporary accessory perfect to finish off a smart outfit.

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10 The Well Read Dad

For Dad’s that say they have read everything why not get them, Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Less than Zero is a Cult classic and is regularly featured in books to read before you die lists.

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  1. I was drawn to this post as I'm Stuck for Fathers Day gifts!! OMG what a brilliant idea about the whisky stones, I had never heard of that before. My other half loves a cheeky whisky every now and again and this would be perfect! x #Blogstravaganza

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