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As a Textiles teacher I am familiar with dyeing stuff. Tie dye being one of the staple activities at Key Stage three. Ask me to describe the process to you and I will recall buckets of dye, stained hands, stained floors and work surfaces. Basically dye on everything you don’t want to dye. I have never attempted to home dye anything in machine before as I was terrified that forevermore everything would come out of it a funny shade.

So when this new method of machine dyeing popped through my door the other week I was hopeful. The Dylon dye pod promised to machine dye safely, cleanly and leave no residue in my machine. Winner.

I am sure that everyone has a few off white towels in their house. You know the kind? Good quality cotton towels that are still in great condition but now look a little more grey than they should do. I thought these would be perfect for bringing some new dye love to.

The process of dyeing the towels was easy. You weigh the dry fabric, one dye pod should do 600g of fabric. My towels were slightly over. Then put the damp fabric in the machine drum along with the pod with all the wrappers removed. Pop it on a 40c cotton wash and watch the magic happen! Then you run another wash with the pod removed and detergent added. I assume this is to clean the machine and remove any excess dye.

I was amazed by the colour when I pulled them from the machine.

Don’t they look fab! I am really please with the results and my machine is clean too! I will definitely do this again with more towels. Who want’s boring off white towels anyway. I also have my eye on the youngest vests which never seem to get back to white. Keep your eyes out for a very colourful family in the future!
I was sent this Dylon dye pod in exchange for my honest review. You can read more in my advertising and disclosure policy.
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