Great solutions for on the go snack time*

Review post for OXO tot*

Sometimes the day just feels like we are rushing from one thing to another. As a work from home Mum my youngest comes everywhere with me and that sometimes means that we have to eat on the run. I do try and have our main meals sat at a table where we can eat and talk together, but he is a hungry boy and I know that inevitably he will walk a snack or a drink when we are out and about. I don’t have the money to keep stopping and buying things for him and often he will want something when we are miles from anywhere.

So the Flippy snack cup and the twist top water bottle from OXO tots are just perfect for on the go refreshment and refuelling of a pre-schooler.
My youngest was delighted when they arrived in the post for us to review. He was so pleased with their raspberry colour. He love of all things coloured pink shows no sign of stopping, if you haven’t yet quite grasped how big his love is you should definitely read, Why I let my son paint his room Pink.

Soon after we got them we had to rush off to pick up the eldest from after school club, I always know this is a hungry time for both of them so I was ready for my youngest complaint from the back of  the car.
Water and a snack of raisins was dispatched almost instantly and he was soon quietly munching while we waited.
Inevitably they were both dropped on the floor, but no longer was I scrabbling around picking up mouldy raisins from the floor a week later, because the flippy lid allows little hands to go in but when dropped nothing falls out! Genius. The little twist top water bottle had also managed to stay clean and usable because he had discovered he could hide the straw away and had done so just before dropping it.

These will be an addition to our travel routine and are now a must for any car journey. Worthwhile if you want to keep your car clean and your pre-schooler happy.

I was sent the OXO tots Flippy snack cup and Twist top water bottle in exchange for my honest opinion. My advertising and disclosure policy explains further.

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