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Bacon is probably one of the only things I miss about being a vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat for over thirty years but sometimes the smell of bacon makes my mouth water. Don’t get me wrong I have no desire to start eating meat again, but sometimes I do want to eat something smoky, crunchy and a little bit salty.

I was recently sent a pack of I Sea Bacon to review. I have already tried the I sea pasta and so was familiar with the concept. Basically it’s seaweed, that you can eat as a vegetarian alternative to bacon. As a concept I wasn’t convinced, I opened the packet and had a sniff. It smelt a lot more like seaweed than bacon.

On the pack there were suggestions of how you could use it. Fry for crisp style ‘bacon’, rehydrate for use in salads or eat ‘jerky’ style. So I broke off a bit and chewed. It tasted like licking a rock in a tidal pool. As far from bacon as you could possibly get.

Not to be put off I heated my pan with oil as I was hoping to have my ‘bacon’ snack for lunch while the kids were at school.
The trick to cooking it is to get the oil nice and hot and only cook briefly, once the leaves turn green take them out as they will burn quickly.

Piled up on my plate it didn’t look much different than when it had come out of the packet apart from the fact it was now green. But I couldn’t believe the difference frying had made. It was now, smoky, crunchy and a little bit salty. It was almost like bacon! The change was miraculous. For bacon eaters I’m sure there would be no comparison, but for me it would be the perfect addition to a sandwich or topping a salad for a little ‘bacon’ hit.

I was sent a sample of I Sea Bacon to try in exchange for my honest review. You can read more in my advertising and disclosure policy.

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