May blog stats and June goals

Well May came and went and I’ve been busier than ever. I’ve been working hard on my blog, the design work has been ticking over nicely and I’ve landed a new teaching job for September. Plus it’s been half term this week so I’ve only been working in the evenings. That said I’ve packed a lot in and you can see it in my stats.

Here are my stats for May:

Stats for April:
Page views 8,445
There is a change in the way I’m collecting my page views now and I’m solely using Google analytics. That said I’m pleased with my page views for the month.

Twitter followers 3613 This is up 391 since last month.

Pinterest followers 1049 up 2 since last month.

Facebook likes 296 up 57 from last month

Instagram followers 977 up 174 since last month

HIBs ranking 186 up 104 places.

Top posts
Johanna Basford Giveaway
Zoobooks review and Giveaway
Murder at Merkister Hall Giveaway

Pusheen, Mr Lees, Pendique, Tinkerdash, FlyingKids, Amara, Elizabeth Shaw, Troo Granola, TeaPigs, The charming candle co., Natural elements, Pulsin, Comvita, Pairfum, Tsubaki, Hape, Artisan tea, Zoo Books, Blinds Direct Online and The Consious Parent company

So pleased to be able to run four giveaways this month. Johanna Basford Colouring cases, Flip out family pass, Zoobooks subscription and Redherring games Murder at Merkister hall. I’m really happy with the traffic they have brought the blog and want to run at least one a month in the future.

Guest posting.
I’ve been lucky enough that people have wanted to collaborate with me on lots of different topics this month. On food I guest posted for Brain Fud with What’s in My Fridge?. also wrote a chocolate and cherry tiffin recipe for My real fairy. On the art of Healthy Living I wrote about my Gluten free store cupboard staples and I came up with a new sugar free cake recipe for Natvia and you can find my Gluten Free Rainbow Cake on their site. On the topic of gluten free I wrote on the Wobbly wellness blog about Living with coeliac disease My final food post was my Vegetarian sausage and mustard bean bake was also recipe of the month for May on the Canned food UK website

Canned Food UK

On other topics I showcased my tracks of my years on My Three and Me and contributed to another Uniball blog post, this time on the topic of revision. Top Ten revision tips
I’ve also enjoyed being interviews and you can read on Bloggerview on how I got started in blogging, on WeeOhana for Throwback Thursday what I was like as a teenager and finally on Mummy V work for Wise Words Wednesday my tips for blogging.

My May goals were:

  • Increase Instagram followers to 900. Work on connecting with more bloggers and get back to my 100 days of design challenge I am really pleased I smashed this target, to be honest I haven’t done much to connect with other bloggers and have been rubbish with my 100 day of design challenge only posting a couple of times this month.
  • Update and promote 10 old posts. I have updated 10 posts, but it is so time consuming. Once I’ve looked at what I’ve written, tweeked it, updated the blog header photo and added links within the post it can have taken me an hour. Slow going but I will continue to tidy up the blog.
  • Aim to do three reviews in the month. Smashed this target, but I know I wont be able to continue working at this pace once it’s the holidays and then when I go back to work.
  • Collaborate with some other bloggers. I have really enjoyed working with other bloggers this week, either on guest posting or in interviews.
  • Blog every other day. I have posted 34 times this month so I’m above my target for this month.

My June Goals

  • Increase Instagram followers to 1000. I am going to aim to post something every other day and work on using my hashtags to improve engagement.
  • Increase Facebook engagement.
  • Continue to update and promote old posts, aim to do 10.
  • Run two giveaways. I hope to work on two giveaways one with a company and one to promote my Etsy shop.
  • Blog every other day.
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