Pulsin Pea Protein powder review*

Pulsin review*

Supplements can sometimes be viewed negatively, especially protein supplements. Images for pumped up body builders spring to mind, but really that is not the reality. For many supplements can be an important part of their diet for a time. Perhaps when recovering from illness or in my situation trying to build my body back up to where it should be after years of malnutrition from my undiagnosed coeliac disease. If you want to know more about coeliac disease, check out my symptoms of coeliac disease and living with coeliac disease posts.

In my early diagnosis days I was also lactose intolerant as many coeliacs are because of their inability to digest the lactose. So the Pulsin vegan protein powders were perfect for me as a vegetarian as well.

Pulsin make a whole range of protein powders from Soya, Hemp and Pea to three different types of whey. My favourite by far is the pea powder it has a completely neutral flavour and I love to use in my smoothies as well as my baking. The pea protein is heat stable so it’s great in cakes but also soups and stews too.

Check out my Lemon Poppy seed protein muffins recipe for a great way to use it in your baking. They are gluten free too!

10g of pea powder provides 8g of protein and is rich in iron and zinc. So for me it was a really quick way of making sure I was getting enough protein in my diet and building myself back up to full strength.

So will I continue to use Protein powders in my diet?
Yes I will, they are not for everybody but for me and my unique diet they help me ensure I have enough energy and continue to allow my body to repair itself from the damage of the last twenty years. If you are concerned you are not getting enough protein or have to stick to a limited diet I would recommend testing them out.

I was sent a sample of Pea Protein power by Pulsin in exchange for my honest opinion. You can read my full advertising and disclosure policy here.

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