Spring Cleaning top tips

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Finally it feels like Spring is around the corner. It is this time of year like no other time in the year, I get a big urge to clean. I just love to throw open the windows and give the house a good air. Jobs that have been neglected for ages such as cupboards and skirting boards suddenly seem high on my to do list. I am no expert in cleaning, but being a food teacher I do think I’m good at elbow grease. So here are my Spring Cleaning Top Tips.

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Post Pregnancy hair problems.

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There was not much I enjoyed about being pregnant if I’m honest. Even less so with my second pregnancy. I suffered with SPD and spent 6 months of the pregnancy signed off work. Plus the baby sat on one kidney and stopped it working. To be fair it was pretty rubbish. The only redeeming feature I can see when looking back. Was how fabulous my hair was. It was think and lustrous. A perfect glossy mane. So why does no one mention that this won’t last? Then you’ll be stuck with a whole host of post pregnancy hair problems. Continue reading “Post Pregnancy hair problems.”

Returns – A Shoppers Nightmare

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These days I will admit, I hardly ever go to the shops to do my shopping. Being pushed for time and combined with the fact that I normally have two miserable looking boys trailing after me if I dare to go in a ‘ladies shop’ means I have turned more and more to shopping online. But have you ever tried to return anything when you’ve bought it online. It can be a shoppers nightmare. Continue reading “Returns – A Shoppers Nightmare”

St Patricks day round up

When I was younger my Dad always wanted me to enter the Rose of Tralee. My Irish heritage is strong on both sides of my family and I have often visited Tipperary and Cullen where my families originated from. So I have a good reason to enjoy St Patrick’s day. Even if you can find a shred of Irish in you. It’s a fun time to get your craft on and to enjoy some great Irish food. With that in mind I’ve rounded up some of my favourite St Patrick’s Day crafts and recipes from fellow bloggers for you to enjoy.

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International Womens day – Design competition

Today is International Women’s day and it’s great opportunity to raise up women in your life who you are thankful for or how need an extra boost. It’s also a good day to continue to challenge the inequality that exists around the world. I will be happy when we live in a globally fairer society. In celebration of today Spoonflower set the International womens day design challenge.  Continue reading “International Womens day – Design competition”