Gluten Free Mince Pies Recipe

You may well already know that I don’t like dried fruit. So why am I sharing a Gluten Free Mince Pies recipe? The reason is this, we decided to make the whole house gluten free I as found I was still suffering with the effects of being glutened regularly. After much debate we put it down to the kids. Although they understand my illness, they don’t always take the right care and it’s those stray crumbs that were doing me in. So our whole house is a Gluten free zone and I feel all the better for it.gluten free mince pie

Hubby is a massive Mince Pies fan and basically rolls from eating Hot Cross Buns for half the year to Mince Pies the next. So I could not deny him this pleasure. I am really pleased with the pastry texture for these Mince Pies and they got hubbies approval.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Mince Pies Recipe”

Lara King Draws – Creative Corner Interview

A recurring theme with many of the people I have interviewed for Creative Corner is the excellent mindset they have. Whether they have used their creative outlets to overcome health issues or used their ideas to channel their energies into positive mindset. This weeks interviewee shows a great positive attitude and is keen to develop and grow both herself and her business. Meeting Lara King Draws is a  great read this week!

lara king draws badges

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Gluten free Yule log recipe

When I said to my boys I was baking a Yule log. They looked at me with puzzled faces. A log? But they were delighted when it arrived on the table. For me I’ve always loved a Yule Log, as I hate dried fruit and most Christmas baking has it in. This however has never been touched by a raisin. Full on chocolate is called for. From the sponge, to the filling to the gorgeous silky buttercream bark!
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The gift of giving at Christmas

As I’ve got older I have often struggled with the question ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ because if I am being really honest there isn’t anything that springs to mind. I am happy with all that I have. I don’t need to receive anything to make me happy this Christmas. Time with my family, good food and some good telly is what makes my Christmas. However I do love to give. So I wanted to encourage everyone to think about the gift of giving at Christmas.

gift of giving at christmas presents

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Why give Christmas flowers

I love to bring greenery into my home at Christmas. We always have a real tree and I love the scent of it in the mornings, when I come downstairs. We also hang mistletoe and holly around the house and decorate the table with flowers. This is why I give Christmas flowers as gifts. I want my friends and family to enjoy that feeling that Spring is not long away and cherish the greenery and lovely scents from them.
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Free Christmas Planner printables

I find the closer it gets to the Christmas the more organised I have to be. Or I would feel like my head is going to explode. What with everything I’m doing at school and all the events the boys have in the run up to Christmas. Organisation is the key. Plus there is all the usual, gifts to buy, cards to write, the big food shop and who needs to be where and when. So I thought I’d give you all and early Christmas present and share with you this beautiful set of Christmas planner printables.
christmas planner header

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How to have a gluten free vegetarian Christmas

Since my diagnosis of Coeliac disease nearly three years ago. Christmas has always been a bit of a sad time for me, food wise. Gifts of boxes of biscuits and chocolates I can’t eat. The nightmare of buffets and people not knowing what to feed you when you visit. Add into that being a vegetarian and the invitations seem to cease. The main struggle I have found is that there hasn’t been much on the market that suits both being a vegetarian and needing to eat gluten free. Yet good things are on the horizon for this year. So I’ve rounded up my favourites so you can have a great gluten free vegetarian to have a great gluten free vegetarian christmas Continue reading “How to have a gluten free vegetarian Christmas”

How to make your wardrobe double

When I was younger and had no kids and disposable income. I used to shop. I loved to go out on a Saturday afternoon and buy a new outfit each week to wear on a night out. With all this shopping my wardrobe was immense and when I first lived with my husband I took up 90% of the wardrobe space. Needless to say I don’t shop like that any more and a more fair division of the wardrobe has happened. So how can I still get a variety in my look? How can I make my wardrobe double?wardrobe double hangers Continue reading “How to make your wardrobe double”