A busy Tuesday

Just having a bit of downtime now, William is napping and I am having a much needed break. It’s amazing what you can fit into the day when you are woken by your two year old at half six and they want to do a new activity every 20-30 minutes. So here’s the round up, in between do the food shop and cleaning ( the boring bits ) we have:

Made some more lavender pyramids ( nearly every drawer smelling lovely)

Lavender pyramid

Made a strawberry trifle (I’ll post photos once we’ve added the cream)

Baked a smarties cake (likewise the trifle)
Sorted the cupboards

Cupboard sorted! + banana bread

Layers of homemade muesli

Made 5kg of muesli

Made a cardboard city ( more paint went on the boy than on the city so also had to afternoon bath time as well!) 

No wonder we’re tired by the time hubby gets home.

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